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where is my mind


Another quick photo before I take off. I was baking gingerbread cookies and almost cooked my compact flash card! That would not have been pretty.

Had the best dinner tonight. Homemade oven fries with several seasonings, garlic marinated chicken breast served on toast spread with pesto mayo and goat cheese. I also put together a lovely salad with fresh vegetables and a balsamic vinaigrette that I prepared myself. Deliciousness.

And this was all made with ingredients I already had.
where is my mind


I spent a good while trying to edit the colors in the photo, then I got fed up and made it black and white. I think I like it this way a lot more anyway.

So, this is my new bass. It's a pretty purple color, unfortunately you can't see it in this photo. Another time though.

Today is day 311, which is quite fitting since I took my photo with my bass and all. :P

So, I got a guitar, a bass, and John has a drum kit. I got my harmonica amongst other things, so...let's start a band!