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Anon is becoming more trustworthy now since the past few incidents where she peed on our bed. I think her going to the animal shelter gave her a good scare. We are going to be more careful with her litter box and wash it out more often. Also, it's nice that she can sleep with us in the bed and not worry about her peeing all over it.

John started his new job this morning and he won't be back until midnight. That's like a 14 hour day! And when he comes home, he's going to have to go to his other job in 4 hours. I admire him. I hope he can stick with it.

In order to cure my boredom, I went to the beach after work. It was all nice and sunny out until I was there for only a half hour and suddenly clouds came in, it got dark and cold, and started to drizzle. I put my book and mp3 player away, threw my clothes on, and walked back to my apartment. Then...it got really sunny out again...what is going on? I decided to stay home and watch movies. Thank goodness for Netflix. I've been watching TV shows and movies for the rest of the day. I also made potato salad, which is delicious if I do say so myself.
where is my mind


I really had planned on going out tonight. Of course, this is my first night in a while where I don't have to go into work the next day...and everyone seems to be busy or out doing something. Why am I not out there?

I got my schedule for next week, and I'm working every single day. Everyday. Monday through Sunday. I can already tell that things probably won't fare over so well. I'm not a happy camper when I don't have at least one day off to sleep in and relax. Apparently they seem to think I don't have a life.

We watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus after making dinner. Can I say...that was the most bizarre movie I have seen in a while. I thought Heath Ledger did really well in it, and it was surprise after surprise when it came to the characters. It was eccentric and wild and imaginative. It's probably one of those types of movies where I can only watch it once. It was too much of a mind fuck. The artwork was magnificent though, and very beautiful.

My friend Jayne is supposed to be coming over around 1am. I don't know why. I thought she was going to stay over at CiCi's. So I guess I will have to stay up until then so I don't miss her call. Must stay awake, must stay awake...
where is my mind


I wasn't supposed to go into work today, but they changed my schedule. Hate when that happens. John had things to do at the south side today, so I've been sitting here a few hours clipping coupons, cleaning, and straightening up. Gosh, this apartment feels so much better when it's not cluttered with papers and other junk. John rearranged the furniture so it would look more 'feng shui' by putting everything at an angle. It actually works out quite nicely.

We saw the play 'Ghosts of Treasure Island' yesterday and it was really good. Very entertaining and smart; added their own twist to the story. After that, we hopped on the train and picked up our free French style hot dogs from this French restaurant downtown for Fete du Travail. It was delicious! Especially when it was eaten with a cold, French beer. Mmm.

After that, we went back on the train and met up with JD and his girlfriend Wendy in Wrigleyville to watch the Blackhawks game. What an embarrassing game, my goodness. It hurts to even think about it. We had to get straight outta there after the second period was over.

Well, I have more things to attend to, and then work. Have a great day.
where is my mind


I finally watched 'Whip It' last night joined by CiCi and her other half. It was good. Kind of predictable, but I suppose most movies are that way. The movie made me want to join a Women's Roller Derby team. It looks like fun, and I can see myself knocking over girls one by one 'cause I'm tough like that.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'll be seeing a play "Ghosts of Treasure Island" that John's cousin is in. His cousin is a big theater guy and is always preforming in plays in the city. I hear this show is really good, so I'm looking forward to it. Afterwards, we're going to a French restaurant where they will be handing out free french style hot dogs in celebration of the Fete du Travail (which is like the French version of Labor Day). A long beef hot dog stuffed into a baguette smothered in mustard. Mmm. After that, who knows. Maybe that Synergism party at Kinetic. We shall see...but for now, I must get through these 2 days of work. I can do this!
where is my mind


I'm anticipating this week. There is a possibility I might meet up with this couch surfer. He's staying on my side of the town and was looking for a few people to hang out with. He's coming in on Wednesday and will be staying for a month. I haven't met the guy, but he seems like a lot of fun. I should probably invite him to the drum circle that will be happening on Thursday, that's really all I have going on at the moment.

My pants are beginning to slowly slip right off my waist. I moved from the second notch on my belt to the forth. I take this as a sign that I'm losing weight again. I feel better. My body feels slender. When I start working a lot, I usually tend to lose weight. For one thing, I never ever eat on my break. I'm sorry, but 15 minutes is not enough time for me to enjoy a meal, so I usually have a granola bar or an orange or...nothing at all. I've been drinking so much tea that it is practically coming out of my nose. I've been getting back into yoga as well. It's always such a weird feeling when you go from doing yoga regularly to occasionally. I feel like jello after every session. I kind of like the feeling.

I walk every single day to and from work, as well as to friend's houses and events and such. Walking is so much easier when you're on the North Side. There is simply no other way to get around (well, obviously the train and buses) but with cars, forget it. Parking is pain all around. My poor car probably hates me since I'm giving it too much rest, but I prefer it this way.

(BTW, go Hawks!)

(Has anyone seen the new video by M.I.A.? Craaaaazy.)
where is my mind


If you could give me some recommendations for any new music, I would really appreciate it. I've made it my goal to discover new acts every week. I need more music in my life.

Is anyone going to Lollapalooza? I'm definitely going. I'm not sure how I will pay for it. I think I may volunteer so I can get in for free and get a sweet t-shirt.

Lady GaGa is headlining! Ahhhh.