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There's a blizzard out there. I was dressed and all ready to go to this art market downtown, and then I walked outside. The high winds brushed against me and pulled me in all different directions. My glasses were getting fogged up and it became more and more difficult to see. So, I ended up going to the local pizza restaurant and getting 2 huge "monster" slices as they call it, and sat at home watching a movie.

I feel bad for anyone who has to run errands and work today. Blehh. It looks pretty though. You can't really tell the blizzard that is happening at this moment in my photo, but you can see our happy faces.
where is my mind


Anon woke me up early this morning by meowing constantly. She quickly ran out of the room right as I was getting up. Then she came back in as I was opening the shades to bring it some light. She jumped up on the windowsill, so I figured she just wanted to take a picture with me.

I have a lot of things planned for today that I must get done as well. Hopefully, tonight I can make it downtown to go to this mingle and a movie party. Free drinks and free food and a free admittance to see Inception. Haven't seen it before, so this sounds like a lot of fun.
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I was able to wake up early enough to catch the orange sun rays shining in through the bathroom window. I went to work today for a short time to finish up a few things. I bought a few things for us to eat for the week. I bought these cranberries the other day and decided to making it with a little orange juice and grand marnier. Umm yum! I don't think I will ever eat cranberry sauce out of the can again. This is delicious. Definitely a cheap way to enjoy something so simple, yet divine.

I could probably ramble on and on about these cranberries.

I decided to give myself a few weeks to find new work, because I simply cannot stand it anymore. If not then I just quit. That will make me want to work my ass off. Hope it all works out in my favor.
where is my mind


Finally, a beautiful sunny day! I know I've done many of these photos, but I can't help it. I'm so bored with myself these days. I've been focusing my intention on painting more so than taking photos. I really need to develop my other artistic skills and to become a better artist. I'm happy that this picture is slowly reaching the end.

Tonight, I'm going to see one of my favorite bands, The Sea and Cake. I'm excited, but also really tired.
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I finally have internet! It appears that the problem was coming from outside on the roof, so it wasn't our responsibility to have to pay any money. I'm just glad everything got resolved.

Tonight, I'm going out to the Darkroom Bar in celebration of Black Wednesday. Should be a lot of fun. I need it. And tomorrow will be Thanksgiving! I've been so hungry lately, can't wait to eat all that food. Have a great night everyone.
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I tried writing this whole spiel down, but then it all got deleted. How fitting.

I'm feeling a little better today. This is round 3 at Borders, taking advantage of their free wifi. At least they're not greedy like stupid Starbucks.

I saved up a few dollars so I could meet up with couchsurfers who are in town and to party down for Black Wednesday. I figured that with everything I have gone through this past week, I need some sort of relief.
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This is what, 2 days late? I can't even begin to tell you what kind of weekend I've been having. My internet has been down since Saturday afternoon and I've gone everywhere that has free wifi just so I could post this photo. Saturday, I figured the internet was just down and expected it to be up the next morning. Sunday morning comes, no such luck. So I headed over to Borders since they have free wifi...no luck. The servers were crowded and moving so incredibly slow, so I had to leave. I walked over to a local coffee shop, no seating available. I decided to try again today.

Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself. Saturday was a very stressful day for this reason. John is basically out of a job and had no way of looking/applying for a job. I'm paying for everything on my own. I have no food to eat. No money to go out and enjoy myself. No money to pay bills. This is fucking terrible.
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Here I am today, posting on time. Very sorry for all the late posts, but my internet company sucks as you have read. I walked through powerful wind gusts and pouring rain just post these photos, so I really hope you appreciate that hah. My umbrella practically broke because of the wind. I thought I was going to fly away. I might have to come here again to Borders tomorrow because my internet probably won't be fixed until Wednesday in the afternoon...hopefully.

I am just so sick of everything. Everything. I'm sick of my friends not calling me when they say they will. I'm sick of work. I'm sick of not having any money. I'm sick of not being able to eat a fucking full meal. I'm sick of John not having a job. I really hope this month won't turn out to be such a complete disaster. Lord help me.
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I rented this game on Wii through Redbox and it was a new Sonic game I've never heard of called: Sonic Colors. I wish I could've had that thing for more than one day because it was so badass. The colors and levels were so awesome and exciting. Man, it really sucks being a starving artist, hah.

My ginger cookies were a hit, as I knew they would be. So proud of myself. I don't call myself a baker because it's so difficult, in my opinion, but I'm getting better.

I'm seeing Harry Potter tonight! I got my cheap ass Raisinets and Gummy Bears from the grocery store stuffed into my bag, along with some alcohol. I am ready!
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Going slightly crazy. I've just about had it at work and am looking to quit any moment now. I just wish someone would at least call me back on the many job applications I've been sending out recently. After being in South Carolina, I realized that there was no point in wasting my life away somewhere I didn't want to be. I'm so sick of people. Sick of people eating my fucking soul!

So tonight, I will be making loads and loads of homemade mushroom rice. Also, I bought this gallon of vodka and 46 oz. of cranberry juice for only 17 bucks, which I will most definitely enjoy.

We got a humidifier since the cold/flu season is approaching. I already feel the scratching at the back of my throat. Waking up every morning with a stuffy nose and a headache. Sneezing endlessly throughout the day. Hope this will help. Also, it's an elephant! So cute.