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Definitely going to have to get a second job. Looking at today's paycheck is just beyond pathetic.

I had an incredibly long night last night. My friends came over around 11:30 and pretty much got me drunk up until 4:30. Waking up this morning, I was in a haze. I had a dream about zombies ruling the world. I locked myself in a room with a few close friends, just sitting there, talking, waiting. I believe I woke up when things started to get more interesting. I wonder if I would've survived if I had only slept a little bit longer...

I took a bubble bath which sorta kinda eased my headache. I have to start wearing a brace to work on my wrist because the pain is too intense now.

Looking forward to this dance party tonight. Dance my troubles away.
Tags: 365 day project, body, eyes, face, light

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