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Lolla was a really great time. I got to go the whole weekend for a mighty fine price, and it was all worth it. Good atmosphere, good people. I danced to Cut Copy yesterday, which was my favorite band of this weekend. They also sang a song called, "Lisa!" It was cool to hear everyone in the crowd screaming my name, "LIIIIIIIIISAAAAAAA!" Haha, I loved it. I must say I was really pleased to dance with you all in the Cut Copy dance pit. Best part of this weekend.

Cypress Hill was my favorite of today. Oh man, those guys put on a great show, and the crowd was very generous if you know what I'm sayin'. We were quite close to the stage and were offered some hits from blunts and hitters. Ahh, it was magical. Those guys are some funny mutha fuckas.

I wish there was more I could say, but the details are pretty vague at the moment. We ran into some interesting coincidences, which made it all the more better.

I'm tired, I have work early in the morning, but it's all good. I'm going to try and convince my manager to switch me over to another department. Let's see how that goes.
Tags: 365 day project, cut copy, dancing, fun, lolla, lollapalooza, music, totally stoned
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