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Almost at the 150 mark!

This morning was pretty insane. Our friend Gary came over last night and spent the night. In the morning, Gary and I went to go get his car so we could park it in a better place and when we got to it, there was not only a ticket on his window, but he also had a flat tire. So we basically spent the next 2 hours calling AAA and going to a tire store nearby and waiting for a tow truck. I believe he has everything all situated now. I'm glad it worked out okay, I was getting worried that it was going to be much more of a hassle.

John is at the animal shelter now with Anon getting a checkup. I hope he is able to come home soon since we have a lot to take care of. I have to deposit the money for the rent and pay the internet bill, and do all of this before 5pm, otherwise we're screwed. Happy first of the month!
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