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Day off today. We got breakfast and watched Spice World haha. I miss the Spice Girls. I wish there were girl bands around like them who encouraged girl power and feminism and equalization between the sexes. Where have these women gone? Sure, they wore some tacky ass outfits on stage, but I liked the kind of messages their lyrics had, and their music was fun. It's a shame they only made 2 albums. With their level of success, you would think they would've been around a much longer time.

We went to the opening of this French bakery nearby. They were giving away free samples of food. Man, whenever you go to a restaurant with free food, you better watch yourself. People attack that food like they have never eaten before. And all of the sudden, people lose their respect and walk all over you and push you out of the way or cut in front of you while you're waiting behind people who are loading food onto their plate (save some for the rest of us! gosh). Chivalry is so dead. I guess they probably never had respect in the first place.

In a half hour, we're going to the loop area to DSW and Whole Foods. Hopefully I can make a quick stop in World Market as well to get my coffee card stamped.

(This image is blurry as hell. Maybe I will replace it when I get home...maybe not.)
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