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I had five pictures left on my Polaroid camera. I still buy Polaroid film and have 2 boxes that I haven't used yet. I'm saving those for special occasions I suppose.

Today is Record Store Day, which means that everyone should go to their local record store to show support. We have a record right by our place called "Shake, Rattle, and Read" (they also sell used books). It was a pretty cool place. We got quite a lot of VHS tapes and books, unfortunately no records since we weren't to keen on the selection. They have a massive amount of books though, and old magazines.

We're going to see OK Go tonight at the Metro. I think this is either the 6th or 7th time I'll be seeing them live. They always put on great shows and they always do something new every time I see them. I'm excited. I think we're going to head up there early to check out Reckless Records that's around there.

(I will eventually post all the photos in separate pieces.)
(Oh, and we got tickets to see Bassnectar AND STS9 at Northerly Island. I just want August to come already!)
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