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This morning was a good morning. Decided to hop on the train and hang around the Belmont stop for a few. Visited Dunkin Donuts and a few shops. Finally have a mat for the bathroom. It looks like a fuzzy green flower...or maybe green slime. Anyway, it brightens things up a bit. We bought this pasta shaped like cats and some dish towels so we can stop using my face towels (bleh!).

There's a neat video store around in this area, which I hadn't noticed before. They have some decent movies and their policy is pretty sweet. We don't have to pay until we give it back. So we rented District 13, which is like a French version of District 9. We've been trying to look for it for a while and finally came across it. Should be good.

Has anyone seen Whip It directed by Drew Barrymore? That was going to be my next choice.

After coming home, I found out something very exciting. I came in first place and won 126 bucks in that photo competition on Competico for "Best Portrait". Check it out here: ; But thanks to everyone who voted for me. :)
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