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I had a wonderful morning. Woke up with John, the sun was shining. Gary had slept over. We drank some coffee, chatted, and smoked a cigarette. After he left, we decided to head to Whole Foods. There's about 3 or 4 Whole Foods around here, and I feel like we've been to about all of them. Every time I go in there, I simply don't recognize it at all. Then again, I guess I don't really shop at Whole Foods too much since their prices are kinda on and off. BUT they had a lot of items on sale today, and we got some great buys. Witt and I were going to start doing a weekly thing of going to Whole Foods every Sunday night, but I suppose it's quite hard to keep up with that knowing Witt harhar.

We bought items to make whole wheat banana pancakes (which I just had and are delicioussss) and John is going to make chili while I'm at work. He also bought me a beautiful bouquet of orange, yellow, and pink mini roses with little purple flowers.

I should become a florist. I absolutely adore flowers and arranging flowers...I enjoy gardening and planting. Maybe I should transfer to the floral section haha. Or maybe I should work at a local floral shop. I don't know, but either way, I think I would really enjoy doing that.

If I could afford to purchase flowers on a daily basis, I totally would.

Happy Easter!
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