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You could say that I'm a feminist. I'm not crazy, nor am I unreasonable. I certainly don't hate men or wish death upon them all. I guess I'm sick of men parading around like they're god and women subjecting themselves to how the media wants us to act, look, and feel. Every where I turn, every thing I hear, and see in adverts is women sexing it up. I'm so tired of it. Come on women! Why are we letting this happen? Why are we letting men control us and exploit our bodies? There are so many women in history who have done really courageous acts and who pushed the boundaries and made a change. And now, when I flip through the channels, I see shows like The Kardashians and The Bad Girls Club and other senseless shit. I can't pick up a magazine without a woman on the cover completely airbrushed to the point of not even looking real. Is this really how you like women to be portrayed? As money-hungry, fame whoring, catty and bitchy, self indulgent idiots? That we are so completely obsessed with diamonds and jewelry and other pretty, sparkly things? That we are so completely immersed in ourselves and our looks than to care about anything else?

I took a women in humanities class for my last class at college, and I really had learned a lot. About how women are exploited in the media and how they had such little say in the arts and religion in specific time periods. There weren't many records of women creating art or being involved with the church. These women weren't allowed to do anything. They weren't allowed to work, draw, paint, write, read, study, speak their minds, participate in church gatherings; instead they were expected to stay home and pop babies out of their uterus and allow their husbands to have multiple partners even if that was something they didn't want. They were seen as being subpar to men (and we still are!). They weren't even treated like humans.

It's really quite astounding to see how far along women have come. All the women who stood up for themselves and fought against injustices, you are my inspiration. I really wish we hadn't turned it into how it is now; women taking their clothes off in beer commercials, "cat fighting" for the sake of entertainment, over sexualized performers. You want to know who is behind these adverts and such; it's men! Let's not give them the satisfaction of accepting their misogynistic bullshit.

Ladies, when did we start becoming against each other? We should be sticking together and not resort to calling one another bitches and whores. If we want to be respected, we must first respect ourselves and each other. We can't possibly make a change for the better if we let others control us. Let's stand up for ourselves. Let's fight for our rights. Let's not let ourselves be manipulated by men. We hold the power. It is up to us to use it.
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