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21 July 2004 @ 12:09 pm


For those who don't understand Tagalog, it means STOP! This livejournal has long been private, but after deciding for some time, I figured making it a journal where only special people can enter.

  • I want this journal private so that I have a place to tell the world my emotions and feelings wherein I could just SHOUT out and not care about anything. At certain times, I feel that I don't need to broadcast everything I feel to people. This is where _plethora comes in. This place is for endless amounts of writing, so that I would be able to start posting about things that I want to talk about, especially things that are top secret.

    This brings me to one rule: I suggest you guys all SCRAM and LEAVE this livejournal alone. Most of the entries are for me - and me only, but some entries will now be viewable by a selective few that I will invite as a friend to this journal personally. To the others, I suggest to NOT waste your time looking around because sadly, nothing valuable will be found. So...


    Some piece of lyrics to leave you, hope you enjoyed my single public post in this journal.

    Maybe the old songs
    Will bring back the old times
    Maybe the old lines
    Will sound new...
    And make her wanna stay.

    The Old Songs, by Barry Manilow.