Sep.15.03 : 6:28 PM

you SUCK if you don't like the new outkast cut "the way you move". it owns. outkast is classic. i decided to activate my new livejournal ingeniouz on october 15th (that's when the paid account mina got for me expires.

just cut some people off my friends list. if they wanna get back on they know how to get back. (if you want to get taken off then comment on my friends only entry to be removed). you probably never commented or i just thought you were boring or you never updated. so that said ; please remove me (or comment on my friends only entry to get back on) :

_design (even though i love your icons)

a yo ; i totally didn't realize my birthday was this close. HOLLA! it's permit time. maybe i'll call my g4L & we can chill. jerome is my heart fasho. i love him to death. <3.

P.S. if you're on my friends list ; please vote in my mini-poll which you can find here. thanks a lot.

mood: accomplished

Sep.06.03 : 6:39 PM

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<p align="justify" .="."><font face="arial"><span style="letter-spacing: 1pt">fuck people. i'm back. i talked to <b>JEROME</B> aka my nigga 4 life & he told me to fuck that broad. so i am. can't let her talk <b>SHIT</b> about me to my face & let her get away with it. stupid whore. i made a new layout. i'm gonna put it up in like <b>3 SECONDS</B>. i should leave her bitch ass <b>COMMUNITY</B> too ; but it's co-maintained by someone i like a lot. so yeah. holla at a <i>girl</i> <b>!</b>

mood: cynical

Sep.02.03 : 3:59 PM

umm i just decided ; i need some time away from livejournal. just, some people make me sick. like, people are so rude. i don't need this. i don't need them. i don't need anyone on livejournal. im tired of fake people who i have nothing in common with. im tired of people thinking they're god. im tired of the needless drama. people just want to feel like they're better than someone else by putting other people down & i don't need that. they just have no self-esteem so they have to do something, anything, to make themselves feel like they're worth two shits when it just makes them look stupid. so the long & short of it is, im leaving. i'll probably be back in a few weeks. i'm just gonna chill & enjoy my birthday & friends & life. you can remove me if you want. but i'll be back so yeah. to the few TRUE people on livejournal ; i love yall & i'll talk to you guys soon. HOLLA at me if you wanna talk.

aol ; lil sixers fan
aim ; mz jaryn
alt aim ; jaryn owns you
yahoo! ; thats_qanqsta

mood: angry

Sep.02.03 : 3:27 PM

i had a long ass rant about a girl that i dislike ( extremely ) on livejournal. but then i realized, it would be just as classless as she is to talk about her the way i did. if she wants to be rude, then she can be rude ; but im better than that.

mood: pissed off

Aug.19.03 : 1:35 AM

My trustflow. Feel free to add me if you're on this list ; except 2 or 3 of you which i totally hate.

1: urbanize, 2: cia0, 3: qucci, 4: exhilarating, 5: singinmyownsong, 6: suicides, 7: 2mamasita4eva, 8: _queenv, 9: christiane, 10: instigating, 11: sexyattitude, 12: oriqinalstylez, 13: dean_vandahla, 14: orochigreg, 15: miss_stunna, 16: gh3tto6ooty, 17: _fragile, 18: hurleygurlee143, 19: intimacies, 20: _heartbreak, 21: _tempting, 22: fetiche, 23: _kinkyy, 24: lilhoney4sho, 25: attractive, 26: feminine, 27: delineate, 28: allthesetests, 29: cdoc, 30: mereaqua, 31: rubberyduckie, 32: skikat16, 33: ziggy1240, 34: commitment, 35: _cowgirl, 36: candy1066, 37: inspirations, 38: thatchiq, 39: represent, 40: morgan_, 41: femme, 42: vocalist, 43: thuqs_diamond, 44: whoopie, 45: hearmepurr, 46: pinkpimp, 47: _glamorous, 48: fabolous_, 49: opulent_, 50: goofy

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Jun.23.03 : 1:22 PM

please remove me :
aws ; daydreamable ; lecksie ; adidazballa13 ; fittedz ; pimperation ; 135790.

mood: relieved

May.07.03 : 7:06 PM

okay. for all those dumbasses who tell me they're gonna add me to their friends list and never do ; im tired of it. don't fucking play me. and yeah i'm pissed .. because i don't fucking know you and if you wanna get to know me ; dont fucking say something and then do something else. so your ass is on BLAST and your goin off my list. holla at my back bitches

mood: pissed off

Apr.20.03 : 7:43 PM

Access : Denied

• Somehow ; you found my journal. If you're feelin me and what I gotta say ; add me .. and I'll add you. We'll get to know each other. So add me and you can read. And please try to comment every now and then ; because I do the same for people on my friends list.

• grimey broads need not apply. if you TyPe LiKe DiS, take your ass elsewhere. k thx.

• now go on & add me.


mood: ecstatic


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