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physically yes, mentally no

I went through the trouble of making my livejournal look better so it's suppose to make it more enticing for me to type in... but really it didn't work. Only because I don't like sitting on the floor and typing up novels, it's so odd to me.

I got a call from my job, she kind of scheduled me on short notice but she probably didn't and I just wasn't paying attention... yeah, it happens. Anyhoo, I just realized I couldn't make it because of things that were scheduled prior but I told her I would but now I have to let her know I can't! Wonderful.

I'm going to take a nap after I conjure up a good excuse because my prior engagement was really me just sleeping and reading but I don't have the money to pay for a new white collar shirt that has long sleeves. Something simple should cost like $10, it's like $25. So, I'm waiting for my mom to come home so she can spot me $5. Yup. This is my life!

I hope your Saturday is awesome as mine! ♥

the good news bear

came and visited me today without any notice... my work shift is moving from 3:00PM to 11:30PM TO 5:00AM to 1:30PM!

life will be so delightful! kickboxing classes, bubble tea, video game parties, late movie nights and dinner parties!

ooOoOOoooooOOOOOooOo weeeee! :)

silly me!

dear dude,

we've been dating for about six months now, you've told me how you feel and your goals with me. it's the typical non-ambitious kind; marriage, kids and all things that are lame. i think it's sweet and so darling you believe i am the one you want to pursue.

right now, you're upset with me because i declined your proposal of relocation. i am sorry to say that i can not comprehend as to why you would believe that i would accept it?

now, now, to not sound like a selfish prententious brat, let me bring you into the situation.

i already live with my parents, my brother his girlfriend and their daughter. i live up north we have a fairly comfortable house; meaning it's not a mansion but it's not a shack. my parents work in the morning, the other people in my house don't work. when i get home it's after 11:30pm...

if you know me, you will know that i don't like sleep as much as i should. 3 to 5 hours of sleep is optimal sleep for me and i require no more. besides that i have adhd, i am an artist and i require free rein...

yet how am i to do when every activity that i enjoy is in the same area that you sleep, eat, watch tv and have annoying guests over. yes, i'm talking about your dining/living/computer room. i'm sorry but i can't bring myself to live in your trailer! it's incredibly small, i could fit it in my backyard, seriously. and that's so immature of me to say, yet it's so true, maybe if it was cute and comfortable i could forget about how confined it is....

but you also have this annoying chihuahua, that i can't believe actually exists. everytime you comment on how cute or call her baby, it makes me laugh so hard because it's so subnormal, but i can't be too harsh because judging by her environment i doubt she's been taught anything by your mom or you since you've had her. poor dog maybe she had a chance... or maybe not.

you mom is sweet yet sometimes she is too much! last time i checked when you become a mom you never rid yourself of mom duties, picking up after yourself or doing small things for your children shouldn't be such a chore even if it is. maybe i've just been instilled with manners and kindness, things that don't hold true anymore.

but overall even though i rejected this glorious opportunity, it dissappoints me that you don't understand where i am coming from and i don't think you're trying. and that is completely selfish of you and i can't be sad knowing you're so upset because you couldn't get your way....

but i must say i admire your audacity but i remember it only comes from your ignorance, therefore i rather speak in silence....

xoxo shenae.