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physically yes, mentally no

I went through the trouble of making my livejournal look better so it's suppose to make it more enticing for me to type in... but really it didn't work. Only because I don't like sitting on the floor and typing up novels, it's so odd to me.

I got a call from my job, she kind of scheduled me on short notice but she probably didn't and I just wasn't paying attention... yeah, it happens. Anyhoo, I just realized I couldn't make it because of things that were scheduled prior but I told her I would but now I have to let her know I can't! Wonderful.

I'm going to take a nap after I conjure up a good excuse because my prior engagement was really me just sleeping and reading but I don't have the money to pay for a new white collar shirt that has long sleeves. Something simple should cost like $10, it's like $25. So, I'm waiting for my mom to come home so she can spot me $5. Yup. This is my life!

I hope your Saturday is awesome as mine! ♥

welcoming the vampyre life.

i quit my hideous job, during a recession... i think i made the right decision, even if i do end up working at walmart afterwards. it'd be a lot better than where i was before, my mind couldn't take it anymore.

plus, i have wanted to quit for so long. ever since i've worked there i've been so sick and i've been calling out a lot and this is crazy for me because i've always had WONDERFUL attendance. and eversince the first time i was sick, i was out for almost two weeks --- but i had pretty much every infection you could think of at once, the previous employer has held it against me.

i felt like i gained a reputation of a slacker and someone who doesn't care about their job. which is far from it considering that there was no way for me to go up the ladder because my health which causes me to miss work, i couldn't really do anything. although, i knew a lot more about everything overall compared to my co-workers, but does it really matter when you're never really there?

that was two days ago....

a few weeks ago i posted an ad on craigslist looking for people that wanted websites created. i offered the service for free because i'm trying to get a few references and a few pieces for display on my website.

here's my current projects: gay & lesbian online magazine, radio station website, online music magazine, hair stylist website and a personal site for a friend.

i've shown a few of them my work so far on their sites and they've offered me money and i'm not turning it down! some are even wanting me to work on future projects as well.... i'm hoping this will turn me into a freelance designer.....

do you know how amazing it'd be? i'd work from pretty much 10pm until 6am, go to sleep around 6am or 7am, wake up around 1pm or 2pm, do misc. house chores (including cook, bleh), go work out, bum around with friends. my breaks and lunches would consist of lots of video games and reading. ha ha! get the good times rolling!

i really hope & pray everything works out.

my own identity

you know i've always wanted to get a new lj name, but i started reading some of my old posts and i realized i've had this journal for 4 years! and over the 4 years i have yet to reach 100 posts! sad... sad.... i know! but it was a major decision in keeping the lj name the same.

plus, i havent had any problems with it, i do like it. i'm just a creature of change, that's all.

i also have been running with the alias britnae for awhile, it's cute, i like it but i've over it. i re-registered shenae_(atsign)hotmail.com and i may try something at gmail with my own name and see how it pans out.... i guess i sorta miss myself.

monday was my first day of school, everything was rad. unfortunately, i've already missed some class due to finances and a fucked up schedule... what's a girl to do?

i went a no diet, its called a no diet because i say no to food. basically starvation.... nick made hamburgers tonight and i waited for him to fall asleep before i put them in the garbage disposal. in the morning i'm sure he will ask me how they were and i will lie and say they were fantastic.

i'm working 40 hours a week at my regular job, 20 hours work-study for financial aid and 14 credit hours. i'm going to be busy, its really a workout so i'm tweaking my diet to fit my lifestyle so i can lose weight. simple.

i have homework to do.... can you believe some kid asked what a syllabus was? WHAT?

i think i may read some twilight tonight.... possibly.