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home sweet home

i started writing this around 9am on thursday, its now 3:45am on friday. the air is sweeping through my window is making everything alright and this cool water in my disney princess sippy cup is it's companion.

so today.

what should i write... dear livejournal, i love you but why is it so hard to write something longer than 140 to 160 characters? maybe my life will be automatically renewed when i receive my gift.


you really have no idea. so what shall i talk about? everything? that sounds good.... :)

so, it's been about 4 months since i moved back in with my parents. i think my quality of life is way better since i've been home. i really needed stability and that's one thing i can count on with my parents.

with being at home i realized things were an incredible mess. i hadn't done most of the things i wanted to! i blame mostly myself along with the situation i was in.

i've decided to get back into school and honestly, it does scare me. not because of my age or for going back so late but because my mental state has deteriotated. i don't remember things as i should and i don't pick up things as fast as use to! it's really going to be a challenge to push myself but even i value a great education.

other than that, just working on taking care of myself. having a better diet, working out, reading more, doing more art, pretty much just enjoying myself.

i am having a hard time with decorating my room as i dont want to decorate my room and make it my own because i feel it is temporary. yet, i know i'll be here for some time as i've made it my goal to not leave until things are where they should be. what do you think? not that you read this but if so, let me know.

xo - shenae
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tiny achievement

i started reading the twilight saga because ONTD made so much fun of it. so far i really like it. i didn't think i'd make it through the first book but i'm half way thru the third book and there's only one more book left.

that's an achievement for me.

i remember it taking at least a year for me to finish all the potter books.

but i love each and every one of those books.

i'm sorta motivated.... we'll see what becomes of it

my own identity

you know i've always wanted to get a new lj name, but i started reading some of my old posts and i realized i've had this journal for 4 years! and over the 4 years i have yet to reach 100 posts! sad... sad.... i know! but it was a major decision in keeping the lj name the same.

plus, i havent had any problems with it, i do like it. i'm just a creature of change, that's all.

i also have been running with the alias britnae for awhile, it's cute, i like it but i've over it. i re-registered shenae_(atsign)hotmail.com and i may try something at gmail with my own name and see how it pans out.... i guess i sorta miss myself.

monday was my first day of school, everything was rad. unfortunately, i've already missed some class due to finances and a fucked up schedule... what's a girl to do?

i went a no diet, its called a no diet because i say no to food. basically starvation.... nick made hamburgers tonight and i waited for him to fall asleep before i put them in the garbage disposal. in the morning i'm sure he will ask me how they were and i will lie and say they were fantastic.

i'm working 40 hours a week at my regular job, 20 hours work-study for financial aid and 14 credit hours. i'm going to be busy, its really a workout so i'm tweaking my diet to fit my lifestyle so i can lose weight. simple.

i have homework to do.... can you believe some kid asked what a syllabus was? WHAT?

i think i may read some twilight tonight.... possibly.

you betta' WOK!

lately, i've been having a very strong desire to run out and buy a large wok and make several servings of delicious pad thai.

i've been searching for kung pao sauce recipes but while doing so i searched for baked tofu, no effin' luck.

but i did learn how to make my own baked tofu....

i think this is all happening because i'm moving out so i'm trying all these things....

YAY! let the fun begin! :D

please please don't!

me: i'm getting my ears pierced
boyfriend: no you're not
me: what? well i'm not getting the lobes pierced that's already been done, i'm getting both of my tragus' pierced so i can wear some rocks
boyfriend: you need to stay tom boy!
me: please, pleaaase do not call me a tom boy infront of my mom, she would be so upset
boyfriend: LOL
me: i'm serious, she's spent a lot of time trying to make me as girlie as possible and it'd break her heart if you said that, it'd confirm that all her attempts have failed
boyfriend: LOL
me: ha :(


I'm sure everyone has by now heard of the Gay campaign of Norman, the dog that moos because he was born different. Quite personally, I think the ads are very cute and non-effensive yet I'm a very liberal minded person with independent views!

I don't know if it's been an uproar in your part of the world, but in pleasantville Colorado, being gay is the end of the world. Especially, when people are fighting for human rights for gay people!

This makes me sad and actually really angry! Why can't people just understand everyone is not the same nor meant to be the same, give people the same respect and appreciation that you would like to have? Why don't people stop trying to smash everyone into a little box and dictate them, why don't they just GET IT?

This isn't just about homosexuality, this is about everything that has to do with discrimination! This is about how revolting it is to be a human being today! It seems like EVIL is overpowering the GOOD! I know there are good people, or at least some good in every person, but this is not about being good or having good its about fighting! If you're saddened by these actions and don't say anything at all, not even a text to a friend, a blog, a letter, anything! I'm upset with you because you need to speak out! YOU NEED TO NOT BE AFRAID!


My name is Shenae, I'm a black girl, living in colorado. I snowboard, four-wheel, write poetry, love watercolour and acrylic paint. I listen to metal music and rawk out harder than any person I know, I'm pretty hardcore. I'm a motherfucking vegan, I don't eat meat (yeah that includes fish!), dairy, eggs, honey, etc. I don't wear leather, every leather purse I've owned has been given away! I believe we should take care of mother earth! I'm sure you get my point now! I believe in equality! I believe gay people are just what I said people!! JUST like you and I! They like you and I have rights, they should be able to happily fucking marry whomever they want and adopt!

The adoption thing is just sheer sillyness. Everyone is so scared of non-heterosexuals adopting because OH MY GAWD, IT MIGHT SPREAD LIKE AIDS! But last time I remember, most of the time it takes a woman and a man, which makes them heterosexual, to create a baby! So, boys and girls where do gay people come from? The same place that EVERYONE COMES FROM!! So, how would you like it if the tables were reversed?

Think about it, all those children in adoption or foster homes want loving parents! Wouldn't it be fucked up to deny a child, wonderful, loving, caring people? Would you rather them just rot there and never be shown any sort of kindness? Most of the time those children don't get adopted because they are over a certain age and heterosexual couples need smaller children to teach their everlasting hatred to!

Guess what? People LEARN hate and fear what they don't know and make up things to make themselves feel better!

This goes out to every person that has ever called anyone fat, skinny, dark, ghostly, faggot, retard or anything remotely insulting with a look of complete disgust!

Your ignorance will not kill anyone, it may hurt someone but it will not bleed into their blood stream and make them think different, so just shut the fuck up!

Why does it feel like the human race has actually gone backwards? Why does it feel like no one is doing anything to help their people? If you are, I congratulate you and give you my deepest appreciation!

I guess, I'm finally fucking tired. I'm ready to riot like a bitch!

or i'm just extremely angry and after i fall asleep tonight, i'll forget about this entry and block myself into my little dreamland....

yes. no. maybe.

doubt it.

you'll see me coming and when you do you better come along with me!

p.s. to all you whiny little cunts out there that complain about people getting publicity for doing good when you've been doing good deeds the whole time. shut up! no seriously, if you're all about the good heartedness shouldn't you just be fucking happy people give a fuck? exactly! shut up!

xo me ;)