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you betta' WOK!

lately, i've been having a very strong desire to run out and buy a large wok and make several servings of delicious pad thai.

i've been searching for kung pao sauce recipes but while doing so i searched for baked tofu, no effin' luck.

but i did learn how to make my own baked tofu....

i think this is all happening because i'm moving out so i'm trying all these things....

YAY! let the fun begin! :D

please please don't!

me: i'm getting my ears pierced
boyfriend: no you're not
me: what? well i'm not getting the lobes pierced that's already been done, i'm getting both of my tragus' pierced so i can wear some rocks
boyfriend: you need to stay tom boy!
me: please, pleaaase do not call me a tom boy infront of my mom, she would be so upset
boyfriend: LOL
me: i'm serious, she's spent a lot of time trying to make me as girlie as possible and it'd break her heart if you said that, it'd confirm that all her attempts have failed
boyfriend: LOL
me: ha :(