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new year's resolutions.

* To Drink More Water
* To Stop Eating So Much Sugar / Drop It Completely
* To Eat More Protein
* To Exercise
* To Stop Putting Weight Loss Deadlines On Myself

* To Keep In Contact With ALL My Friends Not Just New Ones
* To Get Back Into School
* To Get My Portfolio Back Online
* To Get My Personal Website Back Up
* To Take More Pictures

you betta' WOK!

lately, i've been having a very strong desire to run out and buy a large wok and make several servings of delicious pad thai.

i've been searching for kung pao sauce recipes but while doing so i searched for baked tofu, no effin' luck.

but i did learn how to make my own baked tofu....

i think this is all happening because i'm moving out so i'm trying all these things....

YAY! let the fun begin! :D