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my own identity

you know i've always wanted to get a new lj name, but i started reading some of my old posts and i realized i've had this journal for 4 years! and over the 4 years i have yet to reach 100 posts! sad... sad.... i know! but it was a major decision in keeping the lj name the same.

plus, i havent had any problems with it, i do like it. i'm just a creature of change, that's all.

i also have been running with the alias britnae for awhile, it's cute, i like it but i've over it. i re-registered shenae_(atsign)hotmail.com and i may try something at gmail with my own name and see how it pans out.... i guess i sorta miss myself.

monday was my first day of school, everything was rad. unfortunately, i've already missed some class due to finances and a fucked up schedule... what's a girl to do?

i went a no diet, its called a no diet because i say no to food. basically starvation.... nick made hamburgers tonight and i waited for him to fall asleep before i put them in the garbage disposal. in the morning i'm sure he will ask me how they were and i will lie and say they were fantastic.

i'm working 40 hours a week at my regular job, 20 hours work-study for financial aid and 14 credit hours. i'm going to be busy, its really a workout so i'm tweaking my diet to fit my lifestyle so i can lose weight. simple.

i have homework to do.... can you believe some kid asked what a syllabus was? WHAT?

i think i may read some twilight tonight.... possibly.