Tags: dishearted.

please, stop the spinning!

sunday - the most boring day of the week, that's why i had no problems with changing my schedule to friday / saturday awf and coming in sunday thru thursday.

i totally forgot football season is coming up, so i need to change that :D

while working today, all of a sudden i'm helping a customer make a payment and everything turns all wonky... no my computer wasnt crashing but everything in my eye vision caved in and caved back out and then after the call everything kept spinning!

i grasped the edge of my desk and told my supervisor to make everything stop spinning, he laughed because he thought i was being comical again. later on he realized i was being serious. i ended up going home.

i believe its the coumadin i'm taking and because since my dosage was too high, i overdosed. i was checked out on friday and my ph for my blood is to be between 2 and 3, it was almost 6! which also explains why my mouth tasted like aluminum foil for about a week! :(

also i think i internalize stress so it's tough on my body. i've decided to do a healthy diet that is beneficial to my hypothyroid and my blood. it'd consists of lots of fish, seaweed and water along with goji juice and acai juice.

i'm trying to take the positive take on this weightloss thing because i cant help but think about how heavy i am and along with all the heartache and scarey things that have happened lately, i cant help but wonder i'm being punished for a previous lifetime!

i srsly dont want to count the calories that celery would attribute to my diet, cant i be semi-normal?

probably not.