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bringing my sweet loving home to you.

It was brought to my attention that I MAY have polycystic ovarian syndrome [ link ]. i started reading and the symptoms are there, I started to cry... because I haven't had my period in about 3 months and I'm currently experiencing very severe acne... this is all too much for me.

It wasn't too long before I started crying, it happened too quickly for me to stop it before it started but when I did realize I noticed I had my hand hovering over my face like they do in the movies. A nice movie cry, it made my smile.

I quit my job because it was so horrible but I received paperwork from COBRA so I can extend my health benefits which is helpful. because I am on coumadin, levothyroxine and adderall.

I know my health problems are very small compared to things like AIDS and etc but I am so frustrated, I feel defeated because I'm trying to lose weight but everything is combating my efforts. Maybe I should reconsider my doctor's option of the weight loss surgery?

I don't know right now... I'm just so upset :(