Tags: busy

so much to keep up with?

i have a website
i have a livejournal.
i have a twitter
i have last.fm
i 'm also on myspace & facebook but i don't give a fuck about those accounts.

is it all too much? i know everyone is probably signed up to a whole lot more than i am. i wish there was a way to condense everything into one big community but that's not the way things are going. right now it's hot to create niche type things instead of something that can do everything.

anyhoo do you ever feel its all too much? or is it just my adhd?

but i think it also has to do with the fact that i have so many other projects going on as wellll.....

i'm working on a series of children stories
i'm working on a series of sex books
 & both of these things are not just books. i've got illustrations, music, animation and etcetera to work on for these.
i'm working on a line of hoodies and handbags.
i'm also planning out an elaborate "road trip" where i'm touring all of the usa and possibly canada
along with that i'm working on drinking all my water, working out and remembering to breathe.

i think i should just slow it down.......