shenae. (_plastica) wrote,

home sweet home

i started writing this around 9am on thursday, its now 3:45am on friday. the air is sweeping through my window is making everything alright and this cool water in my disney princess sippy cup is it's companion.

so today.

what should i write... dear livejournal, i love you but why is it so hard to write something longer than 140 to 160 characters? maybe my life will be automatically renewed when i receive my gift.


you really have no idea. so what shall i talk about? everything? that sounds good.... :)

so, it's been about 4 months since i moved back in with my parents. i think my quality of life is way better since i've been home. i really needed stability and that's one thing i can count on with my parents.

with being at home i realized things were an incredible mess. i hadn't done most of the things i wanted to! i blame mostly myself along with the situation i was in.

i've decided to get back into school and honestly, it does scare me. not because of my age or for going back so late but because my mental state has deteriotated. i don't remember things as i should and i don't pick up things as fast as use to! it's really going to be a challenge to push myself but even i value a great education.

other than that, just working on taking care of myself. having a better diet, working out, reading more, doing more art, pretty much just enjoying myself.

i am having a hard time with decorating my room as i dont want to decorate my room and make it my own because i feel it is temporary. yet, i know i'll be here for some time as i've made it my goal to not leave until things are where they should be. what do you think? not that you read this but if so, let me know.

xo - shenae
Tags: home, life, love, school

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