shenae. (_plastica) wrote,

why so long?

i hate how i suck at updating this thing. i hate how i suck at journaling... the funny thing is i actually enjoy journaling... i just prefer to write it. i think i'm going to flip my website into a paper journal... just start scanning my journal. and ever so often type it! i think it will work this time... maybe.

february 10th is my birthday. i have failed a lot, especially in the past 2 years. you live you learn, i'll never do that shit again.

upon realizing all my shortcomings, i have realized that i kind of forgot about school. oops. i'm turning 26 this year i'm suppose to be done. so i started going through my catalog looking at all the classes i wanted to take. pieced things together and realized i should be going to school for anthropology.

so that's what i am doing.... along with trying to get a place again... but i'm not quite sure if i am ready to move out again. we'll see. i want to take things as they come but not really as i am impatient and get frustrated easily!

plus, i don't have the income to live by myself yet. i'm looking into selling porn again or running some sort of escort service. dead serious, i need money!

yet things aren't so bad. i have a job, i have a car again. i just need a bank account, to clean up some debt (who fucking doesn't?) and i need a new phone REALLY REALLY FUCKING BAD!

seriously, my little maroon env2 has had it. it's been beaten to death and it wasn't even from me. the 0 & 8 key barely work and my qwerty pad was fucked a month after purchase. i went to the verizon wireless store and played around with all the phones i had an idea i was in love with the droid. i saw it online, read a lot of reviews, played with the dummy phone they had in bestbuy it was disheartening because it gave me second thoughts! but when i played with the apps and features on it for a few minutes in the verizon store, i knew we'd be in a committed relationship very soon.

i'm thinking about buying it february 12th as my bday gift.... you know that's awful because i owe my previous landlord $1500 and i haven't paid a cent yet. i have intentions... fuck, i need a payment plan.

speaking of love! i love my boyfriend! FUCK YEAH! my friends say i talk like mclovin'..... i'm starting to think so as well, haha.

oh yeah.... i'm obsessed with youtube like a lot a lot a lot. i want to lose weight soley for youtube because i want to be on youtube and i find it absolutely golden! i need to think of what i'd call my channel... help me?

also i'm in love with ; i find it so amusing because of the questions and mostly how people perceive me.

all in all. things are good and are going to get better.

p.s. i need to eat more soup! soup makes you skinny!!
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