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here by special request...

 where do i get my flavoured cigarettes... well it's actually called beedies, bidis, biri or beedis. you can get the herbal beedi which has no nicotine nor tobacco some contain no tar or very minimal tar. You can also get a flavoured beedi with tobacco which actually opens a lot more flavours for you it looks like. but here is what they look like:

oooo yum yum

rolling patrollin

I usually buy soex which comes in these flavours: Raspberry, Chocolate, Lime-Lemon, Wild-Cherry, Nutty-Coffee, Menthol, Vanilla, Strawberry, Black-Liquorice, Grapes, Natural and Clove.
or you can get bali-hai which are really good and they have these flavours: Chocolate, Mint, Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Banana, Grapes
ranvir brand has the most flavours, they have: Strawberry , Cherry,Two-Apple , Peach , Guava ,Lichee, Orange , Grape Fruit , Green Apple , Fruit –Punch , Mulberry ,Tropical Fruit , Cashew Nut , Mango , Watermelon , Passion Fruit , Pistachio , Truity-Fruity, Black Current , Pineapple , Aniseed, Liquirise , Almond , Root Beer , Vanilla , Chocolate , Coffee , Clove , Cinnamon , Banana , Mint , Menthol , Rose , Jasmine & many more.
but i have YET to find somewhere that sells the Ranvir Brand online. I'm still looking for a distributor for you all because many of you have expressed that your specialty smoke shop doesn't carry them.
here are all the links to the bidis i mentioned in this post:

also check out ebay for these items :)
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