shenae. (_plastica) wrote,

material girl!

i've been slacking on my twitter, i don't tweet as much as i should, but should i?

i just got received emails from my teachers, they are all upset of course because I'm not able to stay in their classes. I'm upset as well... I've been approved for Spring's financial aid. So, I'll try again that semester.

right now, i'm working overtime.. it's early... but i'm not one to really complain about time. considering that i'm usually all over the place.

last night, i really wanted to play kingdom hearts because i havent been playing my ps2 as much but since i'm working 28 hours of over time, that will have to wait.

things are looking better, i found some solutions. plus i didn't want to have a heart attack because i'm over filled with stress and sadness!

who srsly wants that?

and i'm really wanting a new phone.... i'm craving it. even though i already have a new phone!! WHY AM I SO GREEDY?
Tags: health, material, new, phone, school

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