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I want to go home... [entries|friends|calendar]
WINGATES--- Taking Over The World, One W At A Time

"...I don't want to go among mad people." . Alice remarked.
"Oh you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat. "or you wouldn't have come here."
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[May, Wednesday 14th, 08 at 11:28pm]
What happened to this thing?
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[Feb, Tuesday 5th, 08 at 11:08am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I like him to much
and I'm such a dolt for it.
Guard yourself, guard yourself, he's much to gorgeous to just fall head over heels...

And my bestfriend is in paris right now. For fourrrrr months.

I love you elena

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Birthday and stuff [Oct, Thursday 11th, 07 at 10:56am]
[ mood | creative ]

Who is going to come to my birthday???


I talked to Matthew James yesterday night, for oh I dont know a little under 30 minutes....
It was weird... but not a bad sorta weird. I'm happy for him, I think I really am

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[Jul, Wednesday 11th, 07 at 01:22am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Is that what it's like
To just be content?
With another human being

I hope it all starts getting better, I think it will

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[May, Monday 14th, 07 at 12:36am]
We had the photoshoot
and the pictures came out pretty cool, out of four rolls I got like 30 cool ones, which is great

Bryan (Miaminights.com) is a fucking amazing person



I love my tri-pod
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happy birfgay [Apr, Friday 13th, 07 at 09:17am]
Todays Ariannas birthday and everyone should be sure to sing her an annoying song for it

cause shes my bestfriend
and she's cooler then you
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*Jeese* [Mar, Friday 9th, 07 at 06:00pm]
So I served on Logan Fascanella & Stephanie Miller today,
the other Danielle I work with had them as a table

I flipping love flashbacks---- not really so much lol
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*So yea* [Feb, Monday 12th, 07 at 12:18am]
[ mood | amused ]

I think it's been like forever since I actually saw non of the people in my ♥ section of aim empty.
It holds

and I swear atleast one of them is on at all times...

This is so weird.

Who wants to get in touch with me about new wedding plans. I'm going to need helpers...
and artistic people haha
and people who know if you can paint on a parasol...

I picked up the wedding planner last week, and a bunch of magazines with pictures to shuffle through to look at and figure things out...

And I figured out I'm not going with one color--- but a couple diffrent ones...and I think I'm going to try for a striped color kind of thing...If you guys have seen my stripped green scarf that I have--- and I know Elena & Arianna atleast know what that looks like... then you know sort of which colors I'm going to go with...
And I'm enlisting Hugo to help me with the alter... :)
I think if everything looks like it does in my head it should turn out pretty nice...
I'm hoping it does...
I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't turn out looking like a bunch of kids did it.
But he's a really great artis... and I'm hoping the parasols will turn out like I want them too... and then from there I'm getting the flowers done proffesionally... and the invitations designed and printed.
I have to find a caterer...
and I e-mailed 7 diffrent photographers for pricing...
I'm just worried about the parasols idea... cause if that doesn't come through I don't really know what I'm going to do for the center pieces... haha.
And once I explain it to you it's a lot better then it sounds.

Except the blue-ish color I'm going to replace with this purple color I have found that I like better and matched this flower called a santini mum

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*And I'm sober* [Jan, Friday 19th, 07 at 01:00am]
[ mood | anxious ]

My cat

is one motherfuckingcrack

I'm going to give her to Arianna, so she can kill that other cat

and then when Arianna trys to give her back--- I don't know who the hell that cat is

even though I haven't even mentioned this in the least to Arianna

and I love my cat---I guess


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*A Gun Pulled On Me Tonight... Who the fuck needs Monopoloy* [Dec, Friday 15th, 06 at 01:10am]
So tonight activity was getting a gun pulled on us as we took Mary home

by a cop

So pretty much

when we pulled into the park where she lives a cops lights went on and Im like shit, cause I had just gone through the Living here people one cause it had no gate and Mary told me to and the cops like circling the car when he gets out and he was yelling at me for going through my purse to get my license out and then we noticed he had pulled his gun out and was like holding it at us...

He kept yelling at us to keep our hands on the dash and for Mary to put her hands on the back of my seat but they were already there... and he keps asking why we were there and where we lived and wouldnt listen to me when I'm like "FUCK SHE LIVES HERE!!!!!!!!!!! IM TAKING HER HOME!"

and then he finally looked at the i.d. and was like ok hold on and said "not the car we were looking for"

and just fucking dips...without being like "Ok bye" or anything...

he had the gun out the whole time...


I do not enjoy getting a gun pulled on me

No more taking Mary home haha
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*So I quit Bass today* [Dec, Tuesday 12th, 06 at 04:02pm]
So that whole Oscars not a deush bag thing....well it died....

cause he fucking hurt the shit out of Amanda....

but he's going to make his boss hire me at Ciros...

and she might be moving in by herself...

who knows....

But I think I have the flu, I'm dizzy and my throat is killing me, and my left lymph node is the size of a golf ball...
and Andrews kind of similar...so we might both have it...and I think his shingles has come back so he has to go to the doctor...

and I quit Bass
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*South Carolina* [Nov, Tuesday 28th, 06 at 08:53am]
[ mood | busy ]

So South Carolina was a lot better then I thought it would be.
We didnt sleep Wed through Thursday.
I met his family though...
His cousin David is coming down for Spring Break, to stay with us, his girlfriend Brittnay who is very nice is going to come as well.
His cousin Taylor wants to come down for Winter Break.
Clemson was REALLY pretty but I got so drunk at tailgaiting by like 9 am that I couldnt breath and my chest was locking up haha...
It's probably not a good thing, but funny.

We slept like 4 hours every night, and did stuff every day.
Went to a lot of people houses for drinking games and meeting people. This one guy bought everyone like 60 wings...just for the hell out it... his name was John Micheal and he worked at Express.
People make low pay up there, there minimum wage is like a dollar lower then ours...or it might still be 5.15... but the rent on stuff is much lower too... so it probably evens out.
John Micheal made me take a picture with him haha.

Winter makes me cold and I had to wear like layers, but I figured out some new outfit combos...
We went golfing on Sunday, with David and Taylor... Taylor was like SO NICE to me, I dont know why the family kinda black sheeps him------- o wait it's cause he's totally emo.
They're all really funny together. It was a ball.
According to Andrew, David is the only person in the whole world allowed to jokingly flirt with me haha. It was funny.

We almost brought a puppy home.
They have SO much land, like 150 acres or something... Like 5 ponds... they used to have horses but they got rid of them cause no one rode them. I so would have though!
Houses are so pretty there.

I'd move there one day, if I could find a good job. And drag Arianna and Elena haha

I'm so unhappy to be back at work!

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[Nov, Wednesday 15th, 06 at 10:06pm]
People are fucking retarded when they read 1/2 the entry and like include themselves in it...

[Oct, Wednesday 25th, 06 at 10:19am]
[ mood | content ]

I bought Sabs birthday present yesterday.
A shiny, curvy new piece with pretty greens and stuff through it.

It was fun hanging out, even though I had to drag them to get food, and it took about an hourrrrr to get them out of the house...

And rednecks next door we're upsetting us with there much to loud music.

But Sab loves his present so that's all that matters in the end.
I'll post pictures of him and Andrew with it tonight.

I figured out what's up with the camera, I just have to be far away and zoom in when we take pictures, I guess the flash is just to strong.


Wandas not here today :)

Watching the boys at there house all this weekend. I wonder if I'm going to have to drive all the way from their house to work on Saturday for the overtime.

6 days till I move into my new apartment. 9 days till I get the rest of my furniture. 10 days till Sab and I's costume party.

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*When I dont pick up your calls youll know why* [Oct, Tuesday 10th, 06 at 03:42pm]
Ive decided Im not going to be friends with Victims anymore...

I'm not going to tell them I'm not there friend anymore

But I wash my hands of all of you who are fucking morons
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*Bass* [Sep, Wednesday 27th, 06 at 04:13pm]
[ mood | really really hot & aggitated ]

It's so hot

I think I'm going to faint in here

And Ive done like 9 the whole day

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[Sep, Friday 15th, 06 at 10:45pm]
I got accepted to "Atriums of Plantation"

we sign the lease tomorrow after I do some overtime

Andrew starts the new job next Friday

And im exhausted
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[Aug, Sunday 13th, 06 at 09:59pm]
My dad decided that he might just buy a new place and let Andrew and I live in it....
He'll know by Sept. 1st

or we're moving into the town house...
can anyone afford 450?
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*by the way8 [Aug, Friday 11th, 06 at 10:30pm]

We just named the new one

8 Ball, cause it looks like an 8 and a ball

and it rips way harder then anything else we have
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*Bought tonight from Smoke Shop* [Aug, Friday 11th, 06 at 10:23pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My 2nd pipe, so I have 2 pipes, a hookah for weed, a hookah for tobacco and a bubbler

I havent named all of them yet, just Ms.Hubbabubba the original pipe

Thats the new one up there

Its actually 2 diffrent airways intertwining, not one
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