uncommon expressions of solitude

don't rock my boat! ! ...!

Manu'Ehu Juniper Piper
24 January 1988
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Mother of the Birds
who honors her heart

Spirit Constantly Guiding the Journey

Blessed Trails to You!

We are on journey
a journey that takes us into the
H E A R T.

HEALTH hEARTH heart earth

my inner dream is humming
i AM a HUMan SpiRit

when I say hum
i FEEL myself inwardly

when I say man
i feel an otherness
something that separates

How might we be as a species
if we identified ourselves as
rather than

Connections & Pathways


synchronistic events
my love
i curl my toes
upward to your face and
the time watching circles
learning to dance & sway from the trees
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