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NERO Avendale Season Opener!

Hey all. This is Super-Pirate Dan Comstock. There's a freaking COOL ASS event coming up that a lot of you folks would dig. It's the NERO Avendale Season Opener, a Live Adventure event running in Lyme, CT on April 21st-23rd. I'm the head writer / director for this project, and I'd love to see some of that unique Connecticut spirit come out and REPRESENT.

A brief explanation - We'll be camping at Camp Claire, in Lyme. If you want to NPC (that is, be part of the supporting cast), it's free to play. We provide cabins for camping, food, and costumes. There will be sword fights, crazy night time battles, masks, puzzles and mystery, all sorts of unique action and excitement. You get to be a character in a a story which plays out over the course of the weekend and is just a chapter in the plot for our season. Our events typically have 60-80 players, and they're a great community of people.

So if you're interested in trying out something new and cool and different, come play NERO Avendale from April 21st-23rd.

Here's a teaser for Avendale's story:
Avendale 606

And here's the teaser for the event:
Season Opener

And for a more general look at what NERO is about, check out Avendale's website:
NERO Avendale

Any questions can be directed to me at dan.comstock at gmail.com or you can AIM me at DiscordMan . Hope to see you guys there!

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