May 16th, 2007



I almost forgot this damn thing existed.

here's a bunch of IRL updates:

  • Working in White Plains NY. I'm an assistant editor for elementary-level textbooks. At night, I fly kites and fight crime. With kites.

  • Moving to Yonkers NY in a few weeks. That will cut my daily commute from 2.5 hours down to 1 hour. That saves me approximately 35 hours per month? Egad, with all that time I should be able focus on my new hobby: Tango and Wango Dancing

  • Flapjack is doing just fine, but I'm worried that The Move is going to shake him up. He's still my best friend evar.

  • Regarding the Interweb, I've been hanging out over at .. great crowd over there. A bunch of pricks, but they're how I maintain my sanity while immersed in cubetown USA.

  • I've been a LARPaholic since spring started. Gombos and I have been talking about spending this spring/summer on the CT LARP TRAIL - the idea that there are dozens and dozens of games running in CT and we've spent the last eight years playing only like two of them. Time to see what else is out there in the commutiny!

  • Went to our first Madrigal event recently, which rocked ass hard ass. Next one is June 1-3. You should come.

  • Right now I'm playing a LARP in which I pretend to be an assistant editor when really I'm a cartoon or something.

  • I only have to kill another 15 minutes before lunch.

  • This is what my Wednesday Nights are like:
  • Don and Speer took over NERO Avendale. Ahhhhhh huge load off my shoulders.

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