November 20th, 2006


The Jack is Back


GREAT news!

My best friend, a little gray cat named Flapjack, came home last night after four weeks of roughing it in wild suburbia. He's lost a lot of weight, but he is very very happy to see us. Since he's gotten back, he's moved from lap to lap, lapping up the attention and affection that he hasn't had in over a month. I'm really just so glad he's alive and in good health.

We got a call last week from Wendy, who lives about a block away from me. She said she saw Flapjack on her back porch, sniffing around. When she opened the door to let him in, he bolted. That sounds just like the Jack of Flaps! So I spent the next few days on Suburban Safari, hunting for small game. I knocked on doors and put up posters and stalked through neighbors yards and called out FLAPJACK over and over again. I think he must have heard me and heard the direction I went, because mom saw him hanging out on the front porch. Skittish little gray thing that he is, he darted as soon as she opened the door. But he came back and they lured him in with food.

He's so skinny now, you can feel all his little kitty bones when you pet him. We'll definitley have to fatten him up! I'm soooooo glad he's back!

Here's an old picture of him, but a picture nonetheless

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