July 25th, 2006

and it bounces like a rubber ball

My Artifice has precious few dividers and boundaries - jots and scribbles and ideas run hand in hand around some sort of conceptual maypole. The dynamo catalyst isn't always as exciting as I'd like, but it has some neat little dingledodies. Like a few pages ago, I scribbled down the idea "a printer ink cartridge that uses invisible ink." A cavern I was drawing for my D&D campaign spilled into that space, so now there's a room in the dungeon containing "a printer ink cartridge that uses invisible ink." So bold, so proud.

My friend Jorge almost caught me last night in Dreamtag. In Dreamtag you try to see someone in a dream, touch them, and say TAG. If you dream of getting tagged, that counts too.

I've been trying to find the Dream Party. We're all there, at the dream party. It exists outside of time, so it doesn't matter WHEN you dream you're there, you're there already. I think I've seen a lot of you are there, actually. But you should dream yourself there and check it out and tell me about it, 'cause I haven't explored too much of it yet.

I think the kitchen has black and white tiles on the ground.

There's a culture of people called the Brisbanians, who lived a few thousand years ago. They're at the Dream Party too, and they taught me this song:

uben du muss actan
at sa Deepah Kaylee
istal deepah distal derro
at sa Deepah Kaylee
Wo bat luding doon
at sa Deepah Kaylee
ro ven du aloon
at sa Deepah Kaylee

All you must do
at the dream party
is dream you're there
at the dream party
We're counting down
at the dream party
to when you arrive
at the dream party

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    at sa Deepah Kaylee

just like many of you

So the last few months in the Fortress of Solitude (aka the Stamford Obnoxious Jerk Cabalhouse) have been relatively quiet. Since I work at home and the three local Obnoxious Jerks are all waiters, I find myself at home for many hours when no one is around. This has led to a series of magical or boring headspaces in the imaginary kingdom of hysterical isolation. Flapjack, our kitty captain, is my only conversation partner for a good part of the day.

Like many of you, I am frequently deep in conversation with myself. Most of it repeating or reversing or replaying versions of prior or future conversations, but occasionally parts of it come out out loud. My body is not quite in synch with my mind's daytime ramblings, humor occurs occasionally. (note to self: upgrade mind/body temporal synch chip)

Earlier in the hour I exclaimed "I'm such a gentleman!" as I blasted poop out of my butts. Then I nearly fell off the pot laughing.

By the way, I want to pass on that I've renamed the bathroom. It's now called the poo. As in, "I'll be in the poo," or "Isn't it your turn to clean the poo?".

Because I want to make a mental note to myself to continue to do this, here's some additional emphasis: I've renamed the bathroom. It's now called the poo. As in, "I'll be in the poo," or "Isn't it your turn to clean the poo?".

I can't help it, I'm getting to be a freaking blackbelt in psychic kung-fu. I think it may be bad psychic juju to talk about it in a livejournal, so suffice it to say that I think I've hit level two psionicist IRL.

Two other upcoming words are




. Definition pendulous. Like the vorpral sword of Damocles.

Dan Comstock Sings! is a page I made to host a few mp3s I put together. Likely after listening to them your brain will begin bleeding out your ear and you will paypal me ten thousand gold.

Since in my last entry I introduced you to the language called Brisbanian, here is another sparkling example. Here is the original Brisbanian Poem which Gnarls Barkley ripped off to make the song Crazy.

Io leep ven, Io leep, Io leep ven Io lusaled mo montan
Derro werdi etvaressa vo mandi aloop vat vay.
Veten dull tharets havaned a bakana
im vo bolu vodi

Et ven dustal bomu derro
Mitbomu ubervatch,
Jah Io verdi bomu di tocat
Aber to verni coser Io taned heman umlar
Io pas hemaned tar bolu

Atans vat machat mi dunn
Atans vat machat mi dunn
Atans vat machat mi dunn

Et Io vollen vat du bat havaning sa teeka di dull sancta
aber denken duon, vat istal mo solon bul
nikom um jetsu, vah atan du, atan du, atan du denken du

Ha ha ha, teth dullar sati
du ressly denken dustal im weeldan

pellnikom Io denken dustal dunn
Io denken dustal dunn
Io denken dustal dunn
pas lika mi

mo tastadors havaned sa boti ro lusal dees sanctas bomu um

a bahm
Et uben Io leep istal denking, Io opan ro istal lika tota
weti beti Io werdi kleeni, weti beti Io werdi kleeni to

peered lika bang
Et tostal nah finnar I'van nikom
Et Io dun tux ven Iotal talo

Bintal Iotal dunn
Bintal dustal dunn
Bintal wostal dunn
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