March 25th, 2006


It's rollity

If your butts lol
you're lemons are all lass
Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do I have the climb this building again?
If I put a swamp thing in a dresser drawer, would it still movie up buck wang?
- Both? With a melon baller...
Sometimes either thing stinks, sometimes both things elaborate
In short, potatoes.
If you read it in dream order, it spells "Norac Remrag"
or "Norac Remrack", I'm not sure.
But nevertheless, the passion play is about to spider away.
And the capslock light only goes on when you press it and mean it.
- Fantabulousticnessticles.
Don't eat a hamburger. Eat the hell out of it!
Lies is printed Puma x 78, Kenneth Cole x 275
It actually occurs during the Jupter Belt.
Didn't you seize crisis?
Didn't you elaborate on the mystic swirl? The Golden Triangle? Sometimes Gold Dust is graphite squared into Sound and Vision.
due to testicles.
- Once, when I was roly poly
It's not as if it's going downtown.
- With gusto?
Look dude, the crossbow is a sick offense, but isn't it more offensive to taunt the inordinate Other, the Quixotic Windmills of the mental lanscape?
Like the other, you know?
Seemingly golden rectangle, but social rulers are a measure of memetics, not capital-Q-quality
holy holy holy trinity
If it wasn't daventry, the sponges would never have escaped the schizophrenic passion play
into the realm of eighty-year-old recall
I really get the sense that I'm an 80 year old man remembering what live was ilke as a 24 year old. And that my memory is really crazy and confabulatory, and that's why so much awesome shit is happening all the time.
Why the Synchronicity is so Important
the Deific Ley Lines, the effortless real pottery, the dreamplane paralellograms
very far away
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We kneel waist deep in gasoline
using angels up like matches.
Dazzled by the rainbow sheen,
it's holy what the heat dispatches.

The lines on graph paper of need
are paralell but intersect.
That point is a point indeed:
when moving forward, circumspect.
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