January 10th, 2006

dumb smile


It's not as if its going downtown. It seems like you feel the left and the right are something more than just electron clouds, that they take shape like a vat and all the reason is inside. I think they push against each other, invisible square dances of quarks and neutrinos, buzzing around in 1950s hovercars, getting their Elvis-Fonzarelli king saved by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But if you don't believe in capatalism, (and I /don't/ mean 'believe in' as in 'have faith in') then isn't it a little suspect? You could drink the same beer in every city and it'll taste different every time. I'm reminded that before Snowball II, there was a Snowball I, and maybe he was white (at one point I owned a goldfish named Sir Simon 3.. imagine the deterministic terror at having a numeric, mechanical name like that). And also note that Vishnu's skin is the color of a deep storm, the destroyer, and the redeemer. It's always felt that way.

And it won't end with a dollar sign two digits, decimal ninety-nine.

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