_pirate_dan_ (_pirate_dan_) wrote,

Follow Up Thoughts on the Robot Revolution

while we're getting it on she could be killing terrorists with LASERS.

or maybe her nipples can actually cut glass!
In addition to glass, her nipples can cut solid titanium.

my robot girlfriend is going to have a rotating vagina, so no hip motion is necessary

when warmed up, the vagina spins at up to 70 rpm 170 RPM!

you can get a scrolling LED marquee installed on her lower back which will give you stock quotes

you can install personality packs which mimic teachers, celebrities, even dead people. Ever wanted to nail Martha Washington? I sure have!

in a pinch, your robot girlfriend can jump start your car. With her mouth.

in a pinch your robot girlfriend can jump start your peen. With her spark plugs.

(by SillyCybin)


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