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Traditional discussion of media ethics is usually confined with legal case studies, codes of ethics, and stiff admonitions of sex and violence in the media. This course then is not about these little ethics but about morality—that is, the consequences of media consumption and production to the very meaning of our humanity. Media & Morality asserts that our everyday choices with the media—from poking, friending, and flaming online to taking photos of tourist destinations to watching foreign-language films—reflect how we see, hear, and touch distant others and how we ultimately regard ourselves.

Some of the questions we ask include: How social are social networking sites? Are Facebook users narcissistic poseurs or can they also be self-aware beings-with-others? What is emo-journalism and how can it contribute to identifying with distant others? How well did The Guidon report on the Ateneo suicides? In using the words “suicide incident” over “tragedy”, what moral claim did they make about the living and the dead? When is a joke only a joke? What can we learn about Teri Hatcher’s and Malu Fernandez’s “jokes” about OFWs and their fiery aftermath? What charity ads encourage donation—those that invoke happy thoughts or those that invoke shame and guilt?

As a brand new elective, M&M is ideal for pop culture aficionados and aspiring media producers. It encourages creative work, as students will participate in a) designing humanitarian campaigns and presenting them to advertising professionals, b) pitching other-oriented documentary and telenovela story concepts to GMA executives, and c) organizing a media studies conference headlined by a Cambridge professor. This course is taught by Jonathan C. Ong, creator of the MediaTalk@admu series, former advertising and broadcasting executive, and firm believer that the media is at the heart of our moral future.

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Final Week for Applications!

Apply for ASLA in just 3 easy steps!

1) Get a copy of the application form.
2) Accomplish the requirements and place them inside a short brown envelope.
3) Submit your envelope at the Doghouse from July 14 - 18.
      Deadline for applications is on July 18, 5pm.

Application forms are available HERE!

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It's hard to accept losing something you love, twice.
It's hard to accept losing something you love once, trying to get it the next time around, getting your hopes up with news you've got it, but officially losing it in the end.

It's different this time, though. My heart hurts, but I'm okay. Or at least, I know I will be. Maybe I've just gotten used to not getting things according to how I originally planned them to be, but whatever. It feels like it did last year, except now I'm sure things are going to be okay. My heart's pounding, my pulse is racing, I'm feeling cold and my head feels heavy, but I'm breathing fine. It's that same feeling I get when I so do not know how things are going to come about; but I know things are taken care of and are going to be okay.

Maybe this is what we call faith.

Thanks to everyone who supported, in any possible way. Really, it means a lot... =)

So here's to whatever happens this summer and Senior year. May both be great - whether or not things go according to plan.


ASLA: Student Leaders Assembly
brings you DARE IT FORWARD,
a campaign for everyday leadership.

We invite you to take part in a month-long campaign
of finding new ways of leading others
in even the simplest of ways.

Because here in ASLA,
we believe leadership doesn't need grand gestures.
We believe it happens everyday.
We believe it can be done by anyone,
even YOU.
Talagang simple lang.

Make a DIF. Be the DIF.
Join ASLA's Dare It Forward!

Seek us out at Kostka Extension
or the Doghouse
and SIGN UP to either
BUY a DARE (sponsor it!)
or randomly PICK a DARE (and do it!)
starting January 16, 2008
up to February 22, 2008.

Make a DIF. Be the DIF!
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My sim card got blocked cuz my phone had a stroke (term borrowed from Tami). As in, whenever I'd press the key 6, it wouldn't do anything, OR it'd press random numbers. So when I plugged my PIN code in, my phone started putting in random characters, and eventually blocked my sim.


So now I have a new number.

Save this, and delete the old one. Let me know you got my message by replying to this post with your number and birthday, or texting me your birthday. =)

Thanks, and hope to see you around!

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Daddy's Girl

Written 03.04; 11:59pm

My dad hasn’t had a stable job in almost a year. He’s been jumping from interview to interview, only to be denied because he is “over-qualified.” We all crossed our fingers and prayed to high heavens for him last week, as he waited on the final decision this company he had an interview with was finally going to make. We crossed our fingers, legs, arms – you name it, we’ve crossed it. Finally, last Thursday, my Dad was able to talk to his prospective company: he didn’t get accepted. The reason’s too stupid to even write about (seriously). So we figured, why work for them when they’re obviously stupid enough to give a half-assed reason for not hiring my Dad, right?

Last Friday, my parents went out on a date – my Mum’s treat. Mum explained it was because Dad felt really bad. He’s just so frustrated now; I mean, all those interviews with all those companies, for how many months now – and still no stable job.

For almost a year now, I’ve been having frustrated feelings towards my Dad. He’s been telling us kids to save money because times are bound to get harder, especially with him not having a job and all. He reprimands my brother and I because neither of us seem to be changing a single part of our lifestyles, despite him not having a steady source of income. In my part, I always thought him not having a stable job is his fault. I mean, he’s smart, he studied abroad, was President of AIESEC in UP, worked in IBM fresh out of college, has a lot of experience, was being paid pretty well in his past jobs… so why can’t he get a job now? I always thought it was just him, not trying hard enough to get employed. Until now.

I lost the ACOMM elections. I can’t even encapsulate the feelings I have right now. I feel sad, crushed, disappointed… But it’s more of frustration, I think. I mean, I know I did my best. I campaigned, I flew my planes, I planned for my Miting de Avance, I answered each question thrown at me during Q&A in a span of 1 minute, with no time to think whatsoever… I did the best I could. But there’s just no stopping the sad, crushed, disappointed feelings I have right now.

My family was praying a few minutes ago, when my Dad said, “Lord, thank You for showing me and Meggie Your will for us. Thank You for the final decision You made for us, regarding her Presidency, and my employment.” I just sat on that bed, with my back faced to him, thinking, “No God, I am not grateful for that. But please, grant me the courage to accept Your will graciously.”

I mean, seriously! Why on earth would I thank God for not winning the elections I worked hard for, and feel I really deserve?!

It was then I realized how brave my Dad is, and has been, especially for the past year.
I lost ONE election. And he has lost how many jobs?

My Dad got a new iPod recently, and it’s driving my whole family crazy. He keeps bringing the damned thing around, listening to it wherever he goes, and bursting into song. My Mum complained to me this morning, saying that he even brings it to the bathroom, and sings along (with feelings) while he’s taking a crap.

He’s happy. Despite everything – all those months of trying and trying, and getting denied; he’s still able to dance and burst into song. I should be like that.

So here’s to being happy. Here’s to finding reasons to burst into a song and dance number. Here’s to being baduy, and wacky, and stupid, and crazy. And here’s to grabbing every opportunity that comes my way. Win or lose, life’s too short to not take those leaps and jumps.

So here’s to life, love, and the pursuit for happiness.
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