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Today I went to Six Flags with Julia and her family.
We got soaked and it was funny.
And it was my first time on Skull Mountain which was scary and dark.
And my first time on the cow ride. And my last time.
And Nitro, of course, which makes my life complete.

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Happy Birthday Stanley!

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It's finally Friday. Tonight Sheryl is coming over.
Tomorow is clean-up day.
Then ushering the play.

There's just some people I can't figure out.
And a lot more I don't want to try to.

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Today was okay.
We've decided to have a Sped-Ceramics class just for Pat, Aj, Robert, and me.
And Sheryl and I attempted to draw things.
And it was school-y.
And may I add to this completely pointless entry,
that I hate my lungs.
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You make me wanna eat cheese
In the kitchen on the floor
I'll be your french maid
when you bring cheese to the door
I'm like an alley cat:
eat the cheese up I want more
You make me wanna

Emily + Heather + Amanda + StephFrench + Jamie = Yay.
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And I know that I let you have all the power...

Comcast keeps breaking down. :-(

But I was in a good mood today.
I made brownies.
And danced in my kitchen.
And played baseball.
And jumped on the trampoline.
And played Scattegories.

In Ceramics I finally got my pot to be 6 inches!
I call it....the beast.

And the best part of all.....
A Boy. :-O

;-) We'll see, we'll see.