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so · i · plan · to · leave · dry · land

and never set foot back on it again

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You're only as sick as the secrets you keep.
Secrets. When I was a child, my father always told me, "The truth will always find you." You may not tell the truth or even plan on it, but it will find you. Thats a scary thought. I always ask my closest friends and family to tell the truth no matter what. I don't lie, so I don't expect other people to lie. One lie can ruin and entire marriage, friendship, etc. So why is it that lies are so appealing? A few days ago some masked fool left my sister a message that said I was ugly inside and out. Sure, I may be ugly outside, but the fact that I'm honest and very opinionated with my responses makes me ugly inside too? I don't think so. The truth hurts, it stings, it bleeds, but it heals and goes away. You know, I can count every lie you ever told me. I'll forgive, but I will never forget.
Lies are ignorant. You think you're protecting someone from the harsh reality, but you're only killing them softly.

We live in a world of jealousy and hate. Brought on by lies and deceit.

Is it possible to live a perfectly happy and well adjusted life with hate in your heart?

I'm starting to think not. Its fine, and then it isn't. It creeps up and eats everything you know like acid on the skin. The littlest remarks, the smallest of change in a facial expression. It eats you alive. SO is it possible to live with hate? It could be, I think it is..to an extent. I think you can live with it until its brought to the surface. Until you go to bed and feel homesick, empty, and alone. When you realize that suddenly everything inside you has been eaten away. Can you love with hate? I think some hate is brought on by love. I do believe love is possible with hate, though I don't think it will last very long.

So... How sick are we? What kind of life are some of us missing?

See you later.
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