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Work and stuff... again

Work is kind of going bad.

There was a mistake on one of the jobs l did on friday and l didn't tell anyone about it, it completely slipped my mind. Its long and complicated, and well, l'm an idiot for not saying anything.

Also, l have been getting sloppy in my contours - my boss has told me to pick my act up, but l don't know why l'm being sloppy?

TAFE is so far going good, except l haven't studied anything. Its a bit hard to study one weeks worth of work, but l will try to tomorrow on the train, which l intend not to almost miss again..

So work is kind of sucky right now, you always have to be focused, you can't relax, you can't stuff up, you can't forget anything, its really stressful and l'm finding it hard, but l'm going to keep trying.

The only good thing about it is that l have Mondays at tafe, so that gives me one day less a week working.

My boss isn't too impressed, l'm forgetting some distances on some jobs, and he's getting frustrated - well, what do you think l think? I don't like being told l'm failing, l don't like being told l'm forgetting things. Its not a good feeling, l want to be good at my job.

I'm forgetting some things on finals too, like one distance, but l'm still learning. Even though l've been doing this promotion for 2 months now, l'm still getting the hang of it. Rob has many, many years expereince, something between 20-30 years. I have 2 months, plus 22 months worth of field hand work. Sorry guys, but l can't pick it up within a few months. I was going so well since we came back from Christmas Holidays, l didn't have anyone asking me anything, or if they did, it was something l could easily answer. Not things like "Do you know/remember how tall that window was?" or "You didn't get this distance - what was it?"

They have the easy job. All they have to do, is draw up on the computer what l have drawn up and measured. Its very easy to forget a distance. I walk away from most jobs thinking, well more, knowing that l have everything l need. Then when the guys in the office start to draw it up, they notice some distances are missing, and honestly, l didn't know l missed them at the time. Its only until someone points it out to me, that l think back and remember, that l didn't get the distance, or l was just about to and got distracted.

Anywho, work sucks right now. I was reallt enjoying it and l'm trying really hard. I want to make them proud and pleased that they hired me in the first place, and to look at what l've become, more than what any field hand has before me.

I don't think l can do this job for the rest of my life. My parents want me to, and deep down l do, but l don't know if l can cope with the stress.

I am on a time schedule. Well, there is no schedule set, so thats the stressful part. I am given a number of jobs a day (can range from 4-7, difficult varies as well) and l am expected to not only drive to each job (can be from near Penrith, to Cronulla, to Campbelltown) and complete each job correctly, without missing any detail. I pretty much stress and rush around each day. Some jobs are worse when you have to do a contour on someones house, and they have a time in which they want you to be there, and you have to kind of fit that in with everything and everywhere else your going.

Like on Friday, l felt like crying because nothing was working out at the last job (which is the one l found the mistake on and didn't tell anyone). Rob had done the previous jobs in the area before, and this was the first time they had given them to me. The houses in this new subdivision are being built so close to their boundary, we have to be really careful and make sure that the concretors don't go over the boundary. The houses will be 20mm (2cm) from the boundary - how insane is that?!?! Can you imagine your house being only 20cm away from one of your side fences? Its crazy!

So Dennis and l spent 3.5 hours doing 3 formboards checks (so the concretors can pour the concrete) and we didn't get back to the office until around 5:30-6. Andrew (the guy who helps me out, l give him the work l did for the day and he sorts it out) left not too long after l got back, and it completely slipped my mind that l had to tell him about this mistake.

I have a feeling everything will work out okay though, l don't know why, l just have a feeling.

So yeah, l'm stressing out pretty bad, considering this job is for our second biggest client, and we can't lose them.


Other than that like has been okay. I've been so lazy this weekend, went to Adams 21st last night, slept in until 10am, watched Gilmore Girls, went bowling and watched a movie.

I better get going, l have TAFE tomorrow and l need to get some sleep.

*mwah* to Nat :)

Sare xxxx
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Okay, so today l'm going to talk about my road rage incident that happened on my way home from work on Wednesday afternoon.

I think l'm a pretty safe driver. I don't take risks, l always go the speed limit.

Anyways, l was travelling through the back-streets of St Marys, as l tend to avoid the main streets during peak hour.

I was driving in a 50km/h zone. From this street, the speed limit would be 50km/h until l got home.

As l was driving in one of these zones on one street, a purple excel came up behind me. I noticed that she was young, probably younger than me. I couldn't tell if she had p-plates on or not, l couldn't see them. She also had a passenger, either a sister or friend.

She was tail-gating me, for more than a kilometre. Fair enough, l should have pulled over, let her pass me and l continue driving.

But l don't like giving hoons their own way. I don't see why l should go out of my way, and pull over just because she was in a hurry. I just continued to sit on 50, l wasn't going to go faster for her.

I kept looking in my rear vision mirror, and l think she noticed and thought l was delibrately trying to piss her off. I wasn't. I was making sure she wasn't going to end up in the backseat of my car.

Now, we went around a roundabout, and she was so far up my back, l was a little tense.

We went over a bridge, over the M4, and l did 50. There was a bike lane that appeared after the bridge, and she overtook me. That was number 2 of broken road rules by her. Number 1 was tailgating.

I couldn't believe it. She overtook me in a bike lane!! Freaking idiot! I gave her a short beep, not a long one, just touched the horn with my finger to let her know she's an idiot. I then stuck my finger up. I don't know why, l was just pissed off. I can't stand hoons.

Anyways, l thoguht that was the end of it, because she sped off. I couldn't even see her anymore. Obviously she slowed right down so l'd catch up to her before the nest round about, which we were both turning right. Don't forget, she's now in front of me because she overtook me on the inside bike lane.

We were both turning right. She looked in her rear vision mirror at me a lot, and noticed l put my right indicator on to turn right as well. She enetered the roundabout, and she went around as slow as she possibly could. She kept looking into her rear vision mirror to see if l was pissed off. I didn't react. I just thought "You want to play that game? Sure, no worries" and l played along. I went around just as slow, keeping distance and kept a straight, relaxed face. After we got through the roundabout, we went past St Clair shops, which she did 30km/h.

She kept looking back to see if l'd react. I didn't want to have anything to do with it. She was delibrately trying to get until my skin, but l didn't flip. I did 30km/h too, keeping a safe distance. She obivously got fed up, and slammed her foot down and sped off.

I did my 50km/h, and got to the next roundabout, she went the same way l go to go home. I turned right as well. She looked back as she went around the roundabout. Maybe she thought l was following her? I don't know. I wasn't. Thats the way l go to go home.

Then we got to the next roundabout, turned the corner, both of us turned left.

She sped off up the street that my street is off. I didn't think much of it because l was really close to home.

She put her blinker on to turn left into a side street, just before mine. She stopped to turn right in the middle of our side of the road. We had a wide bike lane/parking lane and the actually lane of the road. She parked right in the middle, so l couldn't get around. Normally, when someone is turning right, you can go around them in the parking lane, if there are no cars parked.

She looked in her rear vision mirror again to see what l'd do. I thought "you bloody bitch".

I had just enough room to pass her on her left hand side (in the parking lane) and l put my window down, yelled out "Grow up and go the speed limit" to which l heard "You slut". I didn't care, l just wanted to get away from her. My street was pretty much right there on the right, so put my blinker on and started to go down my street.

Halfway down, l looked in my mirror, to make sure no one was behind me, so l could turn into my driveway. I put my blinker on to go into my driveway, and the next thing l knew, l heard a loud screech of tyres and a loud beep of a horn. I stopped fast, looked to my left, and there she was in her car, almost slammed into mine.

Dad came out, went ballistic. He saw the whole thing. I continued up my driveway, parked my car, yelled out "What the hell do you think your doing?" She looked shocked. She said "I wanted to know what you called me" I told her l didn't call her anything, l told her what l yelled out and l said "Your the one who called me a slut". I then said "Have you ever been in an accident?" she said no. I said that she will be one day, very soon if she keeps driving like that.

She drove off. I was almost in tears. She almost hit my car.

Dad said, come on, come with me. We drove to find out where she lived. I knew what street she was going down, so l told dad to go there. There were some side streets, and we went slow to try and find her car. We found it. Dad stopped and knocked on the door. Her dad answered. My dad told him what happened, and her dad yelled at her "GET OUT HERE, I KNOW YOU DID THIS, YOU DRIVE LIKE AN IDIOT!!" Haha, even her dad knows she drives like a maniac.

Anyways, she claimed that she didn't do anything wrong. What l think is her friend in the passenger seat yelled out slut to me, but the girl driver thought l said it, as it came from her left.

Then she came speeding down my street (which is a cul-de-sac) at around 80-100km/h.

I think she took her eyes off the road for a little bit, and didn't realise l was turning with my blinker on, thats why she slammed her brakes on and almost hit the side of my car.

I saw her again yesterday, near the roundabout where she went about 10km/h. I didn't make any eye contact, and l didn't follow her. I just drove home.

Psycho bitch.
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Yesterday was awesome.

Spent half the day with Fabulous Nat. Went shopping, had Gloria Jeans. T'was fun.

Thanks my dear!!
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Okay, this is going to be one of those soppy-ass journal entries about how much l love him and why so if you don't want to hear it, then stop reading now!


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Where to start?

He's perfect. A little rough around the edges, but he's perfect. Perfect for me.

He cares so much. He loves seeing me happy and tries to make me laugh when l'm down.

He gives me a kiss when l see him, and a kiss goodnight everynight.

He holds me while we watch tv, movies or while we just lay in bed.

He's adorable in everyway possible.

He spoils me rotten, but says that l'm worth it.

He's so gentle with me, his touch is so soft.

He calls me his angel, and bought me angel wings and a halo so l can wear them.

He apparantly talks about me all the time while he's working.

We have "our song" and no, l did not pick it. The only reason why l would say its our song is because we both have it as our ringtone, and we didn't even plan it that way. We still have that same ringtone, American Idiot by Green Day.

He offers to pick me up from work when he can.

He always takes my bags if they're too heavy, even when they aren't.

He was the first out of both of us to utter the words "l love you" to one another.

He may work at a stupid place called Woolworths, but l am so lucky to have him. He accepts me of who l am, enjoys being in my company and he makes me laugh.

He attempted to make me a chocolate rose for Easter, which turned out to be a disaster and didn't work, but the thought was there and thats all that matters. It was a lovely thought and l can't believe he'd go to all of that trouble for me. He asked people at his work how he would go about doing it, but it just didn't work for him.

He buys me flowers for no reason at all. "Because l love you" is the reason he gives.

Last weekend, he picked a huge bunch of flowers for me, he picked each flower out seperately and put them together.

He bought me some fake flowers, so when the ones he buys every now and again eventually die, l still have something to put into my vase.

He's a show-off, but l think its cute.

He has uber sexy arms and shoulders that l completely melt over.

Over the long weekend over Easter, he wants to spend as much time with me as he can. For three of the four days we are going to be with each other for hours and hours.

We have very similar interests, similar taste in music although our tastes in tv shows are quite different, except we both love the simpsons!

We want to go away and spend a week together in winter at the snow and then a week in summer near the beach in a beach house.

I know he won't hurt me. Don't tell me that l don't know that because l do know it. He's so caring and his luck with relationships have been bad (girls leaving him for no reason, cheating on him etc.) and he's done nothing wrong by them. He's just been there for them, cared about them and loved them, except they didn't do the same back.

I feel sorry for him, because of what those girls did to him, but l'm not going out with him because l feel sorry for him. I believe he deserves to be cared about and loved, and l'm going to try and do that to the best of my ability. I want to show him that not all girls are like that.

I feel so safe when l'm around him.

He schemes little schemes about things he's going to do for me/buy for me etc.

He's got a naughty side, which l didn't see when l was just his friend, and l love this side.

He's going to buy me a little devil outfit - see, told you he was naughty!

I can't believe how lucky l am to have him. I don't know why we didn't do this sooner, but either way l'm very happy. He makes me feel special and l don't deserve it.

He's a "keeper". If l do anything to stuff what we have up, l'll never forgive myself. I know me, and l know l won't. By keeper, l mean l want to keep him for as long as l can.He's mine and l'm his.

He's the ideal boyfriend l've always wanted. He puts up with me, with my grumpiness and foul moods at times.

Anyways, thats all l wanted to say. Now, if l ever have any kind of doubt in him or our relationship (which l highly doubt), l can look back at this entry, read it again and again and remind myself just how great and wonderful he is. I also wanted to put this up because he means a lot to me and l wanted to share that with everyone.

I love him so much.

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My life..

I have decided to keep this particular journal entry public, so people can see what l've been up to, weather they give a shit or not :)

- I've been working for a year and haven't had one sick day (go me!)
- I have fantastic friends who make me laugh and smile (canoodling - yes Nat, that is directed at you :P)
- I have myspace still, and l am making an effort to find friends from primary school and high school and catch up with them which has been a lot of fun
- I am still at TAFE, doing my Diploma of Surveying.
- Subjects l am doing are:
[*] Astronomy (Surveyors in Space!! Hehe :P)
[*] Surveying Computations 1 (Mathematics)
[*] Civil CAD 2 (lots of fun and time wasting)
[*] Mapping Projections (icky)
[*] EDM (prety relevant to my job)
- Now l'm doing TAFE from 1pm-9:30pm on a Thursday, which means l catch the train from the city at around 10pm at night, which l hate but l also like because l'm always able to get a seat.
- Adam (my guy version of a best friend) was working at my work as a field hand, but now he's leaving so we will have to find someone else)
- Nat (my girl version of a best friend) is still as awsome and fabulous as she always has been (well, as long as l've known her anyways!) and we also share uber cool banana wrist bands
- I have a wonderful boyfriend, who is everything l could possibly ask for. He's a friend as well as a canoodling buddy and l love him dearly. He spoils the heck out of me though (but l'm not complaining!)
- I have bought a car, which l am learning to drive. Its manual and so far l suck at it. I bought a Daewoo Lanos Sports and its black *drool* black is so darn sexy.
- Yes, I have a better car than my boyfriend, Brian :P
- I am now officially broke due to my car.
- My dad is uber jealous of my car, because its the one he wanted when he bought his car
- My brother turned 17 a few days ago
- My neighbour is still a tool
- I love life right now and l couldn't be happier

Yeah, so there you go. I don't know who would read this, but l hope that if you did, it let you in on some of the things that has been happening :)