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epiphany of the day

after my epic weekend trip to amsterdam (during which i experienced a series of firsts, including pole dancing in public, smoking weed, and nearly getting into a fist fight with a couple of assholes in the red light district), i decided my newfound knowledge of legal prostitution would be best put to use in a merlin/arthur hooker!AU featuring window-prostitute!arthur and semi-stoner!merlin.

i chose to embark on this adventure today, as i was feeling sick and antisocial. i was merrily writing away, getting ever closer to the porn (which was really my main motivation for writing the fic), when it struck me that merlin had no reason whatsoever to look twice at arthur. this was a huge problem, since, well, that's what the fic is about.

a slew of other pressing concerns followed my realisation: who is merlin? who is arthur? how do i keep my arthur and merlin IC in such an OOC 'verse? why is merlin attracted to arthur if he's straight? what makes merlin change his mind after he initially turns down the opportunity to fuck arthur? what happens after the porn? how did arthur manage to secure a window in the heterosexual red light district? what's he doing in the red light district, anyway? what is the purpose of this random scene in which merlin confronts arthur in the supermarket, other than to give myself an excuse to write high!merlin?

i wish i could say i resolved these issues, but i didn't. instead, i am now stuck with 8 pages of a fic that will, like many, many others before it, disappear into the dark abyss of my WIP folder, leaving me with nothing to show for my efforts. hooker fic, we hardly knew ye.

moral of the story: character development is, unfortunately, very important. even when writing porn. don't neglect it, or your story will succumb to the same sorry fate as mine.
write porn

The Porn Post (part 2)

So I've noticed that every time I try to get my characters into bed, they always end up... well, in bed. Not that I have anything against a rough tumble between the sheets (or candlelit lovemaking, if that's what you prefer), but I feel like I need to expand my horizons. Any suggestions for fun/unusual places to have sex?
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My dentist is a moron. She botched the first part of my root canal (and only admitted it today when faced with incriminating x-rays, even though I hinted to her several times over the phone that root canals are not supposed to hurt weeks afterwards), charged me $80 extra to fix it, and then sent me off with a $100 prescription (that my medical insurance may not even cover) for 300 mg Clindamycin to be taken every 6 hours, when she already knows I'm sensitive to antibiotics and half that dose every 8 hours is enough to induce severe side effects. To top it all off, I don't even know if she did the second part of the root canal right, because my tooth is still bothering me. Wtf, dentist?

In happier news, I briefly outlined the next three chapters of SKOM. The final chapter count will be around 27, give or take a chapter or two. It feels rather sudden, but apparently I've already said all I have to say. In regards to chapter 23, guess what? After 130k, the boys are finally taking off their clothes! \o/ Although I admit to abusing a really awful H/D cliche to kinda-sorta pave the way there... actually, come to think of it, I'm gonna have to change that part. The more I think about it, the more contrived/insensitive/generally stupid it seems. Anyone willing to talk it over with me and point out when I overstep the line? Preferably someone who's familiar with the fic, because I kinda don't remember what happened in the first 20 chapters.

Fandomy goals for the remaining 5 days before I go back to school: finish ch 23 of SKOM, a beta job, the Junk Boys QC, and the mirror WiP. The last one's a stretch, but I'm crossing my fingers!
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Beta appreciation post

So a few nights ago, I was minutes away from giving up on my hd_hols fic when, lo and behold, angels descended from heaven and saved me from fest suicide.

Those angels = betas.

*cue "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"*

Betas are the most underappreciated people in the fandom. Yeah, some of them just fix missing periods and misspelled words, but there are also some who go so far as to suggest ideas for alternate endings and help rewrite major scenes. In the end, all they get is a little mention in the author's notes for everything they do, and IMO that's totally unfair.

I can't begin to express my gratitude for all the people who have betaed for me in the past, especially the ones who listened to my endless whining and put up with my insecurity and doubts and patiently guided me through ways to fix my problems, step by step. I can't even imagine how frustrating it is to work with me on a fic, especially in the last few weeks before a deadline when I'm hysterical and sleep-deprived and tempted to delete everything, but they did it. My fics would have been utter crap without their amazing advice and unwavering encouragement.

Thanks for everything, guys ♥ ♥ ♥ (Here, have a shirtless!ZEfron icon as a token of my gratitude :p)
mark sanchez :(

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My feature outline is kicking ass, wtf. Mark and George are perfect together. Anne couldn't work better as an antagonist. All of them have character arcs and chemistry together, and -- get this -- THERE IS RECOGNISABLE TENSION IN THE STORY! Why can I not be this productive/disciplined with my hd_hols fic? *is sitting here whipping through a month's worth of sequence outlines and totally ignoring hd_hols* :(

I think the fact that basically everything H/D has been done already is interrupting my creative flow. I'm so concerned with being original and avoiding ideas that have already been beaten into the ground (virtually impossible -- while I do come up with good ideas every once in a while, I always muck them up when I try to write them, which brings us to my problem of not being able to put a creative spin on old ideas, which I won't go into because this side note is already too long) that I can't just focus on writing the damn fic. With my feature, I have so much more room to tell the story I want to tell, because my audience isn't familiar with the context and characters. They don't have set standards by which to judge the story. I have so much freedom, and it feels amazing. It also helps that I don't feel helpless knowing I'm up against writers with talent that could eat mine for a light snack. Yay for mediocrity!

Dammit. I wish I'd gotten into writing H/D five years ago.

/end whiny rambling which always seems to take over my writing-related posts
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life is busy

I've been riding a wave of intense Republican hate this past week. It peaked a few nights ago during the VP debate. I've hated Palin ever since I heard about the abuse of power scandals, but after she completely ignored Biden's emotional moment because she was too fucking incompetent to say anything her script didn't spell out for her, I decided that if I ever saw her in person, I would punch her in the face. I don't care if she's a hockey mom or pit bull or whatever she wants to call herself. This liberal is furious enough on behalf of all the women, gays and lesbians, rape victims, teenage mothers, controversial authors, wolves, and polar bears in this country to take her on any day.

I've got to revise my first short script for Monday. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go down the power route or the love route in the first draft, so I ended up doing a mix of both, and the result wasn't pretty. I'm not sure what compelled me to write this particular period piece, because I know next to nothing about life on plantations during 19th century America. I'm mostly having issues with the language thing. I can't get 19th century slang down, and I'm having trouble distinguishing dialects between races. Does anyone know what white teenagers called their parents? "Mother" sounds so formal, but "ma" doesn't seem right, and "mom" sounds too modern. *tears hair out*

I've also got another article due on Monday. I feel like my editor's expectations of me shot up to an unrealistically high level after the success of my Palin article. I don't want to let him down -- I'm not that great of a writer; I just got lucky with the Palin piece. I have a feeling the coming out article I'm writing for Monday is going to show that :(

Today at the football game I saw one of the players tussling Mark Sanchez's hair and realised how much I miss slash. I've been so busy with RL stuff that I haven't had time to even think about any of my WiPs. I want to read and write H/D, but every time I sit down to do that, I remember I should be spending the time working. I don't know what to do -- time's running out for my hd_hols fic and I still have no clear idea of how I want to go about writing the rough story outline I've got, and it's been so long since I last looked at SKoM that I've almost forgotten what it's about.

I've had this bizarre urge to write H/G for days. I think the stress is getting to me.

ETA: Also, this absurdly loud rave down the street at the Shrine Auditorium? NEEDS TO DIE RIGHT NOW.
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Got my hd_hols assignment, and omg I'm terrified because my recipient's preferences are totally opposite of what I feel comfortable writing, but a few of her kinks interest me, so I'm hoping I can get by focusing on those. I have an idea in mind, but I'm worried it might not be what she's looking for. Am going to ask the mods about that in a few. STILL, SO EXCITED TO WRITE FOR MY RECIPIENT!!! :D I need to share my idea with someone. aki_hoshi, get ready for a longass email :P

MY FIRST OP-ED FAILED. Well, not really. It's just... I had to write about a topic I didn't feel very strongly about, so now I've no clear thesis and I think my editor is frustrated with me, lol. Nothing I can do about it but get his edits in tonight :(

Also! My screenwriting professor worked on Friday Night Lights, and he told us everything about the writing process for TV. He is seriously awesome and I adore him. But the class is so damn long :( WITH SO MANY WRITING ASSIGNMENTS, DAMMIT.
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I've been having some trouble writing a sex scene, so I started talking to avada_k about how romance fics are more trouble than they're worth. That got us discussing not just sex in writing, but also kissing. She mentioned that she likes when writers describe the placement of hands during a kiss, and I had to agree -- I get a much better (and hotter) mental image knowing hand positions than knowing tongue gymnastics.

So. Question for the flist: where do you like your characters' hands to be when they're kissing? And, if you're not a hands fan, how do you like your kisses to be described?

Personally, I'm a fan of the classic hands in the hair, but I also like a hand on the cheek, hands grabbing the face, and, when done right, hands pinning the wrists to the wall/floor.