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Apparently it's the cool thing to do

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Last night I was talking with one of my gay guy friends (who is now an H/D shipper, thanks to yours truly), and he had just finished The Other Boleyn Girl (also on my recommendation). We were gushing over the book, and it was pretty freaking awesome:

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I'm hoping he'll be able to make it to Terminus, because he says he definitely wants to go :D

I've been working on my the_ass_fest fic more these past few days. i finished planning it out yesterday, and so far I'm about 5k in. The fic's looking to be ~20k, but it'll probably end up being longer. Who knows! Final projects/exams/papers are coming up soon, so I'm trying to get as much writing in as possible before panic and stress strike.

OMG, they were filming the Sectumsempra scene a few days ago! I'm really hoping they get it right, because it's one of my favourite scenes in the entire series.

And lol @ this article. Sorry, but I don't feel the slightest bit of sympathy for Vander Ark. As much as I love the HPL, I hope JKR owns him in this court case.

In other news, voting is up at ldws, so head on over, check out the drabbles, and vote, vote, vote!