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Wrock literally rocked the hotel

It feels strange posting about Terminus before it's even started. I thought staying at the hotel would be anticlimactic, but coming home every night is even more so. There's a definite sense of feeling left out when everyone talks about con stuff. To be honest, after today, I'm tempted to just find some people looking for another roommate and join up with them.

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Random bullet points day

  • I'm determined to do one of these list things without making it so long that I have to put it under a cut.
  • My hd_inspired  fic is... er, coming along. It just hit the 14k mark, and predictably enough, it's still going. I definitely think I'll be able to keep this baby under 20k, though. I've found a beta, but I don't know how quick she'll be, so I'm still looking for another one. I'm not happy until I've run my crap past at least two critics.
  • The only thing stopping me from signing up for hd_hols is that I don't yet know how well I'll handle my ridiculously full schedule next semester, and August sign-ups are... well, before the semester starts. I'll probably end up signing up anyway, because apparently I enjoy stretching my stress capacity to the max. Especially when H/D is involved.
  • I've created the comm for the next gen fest and mapped out the tentative schedule (sign-ups starting in mid-September, fics due at the end of December), but I want to be absolutely certain before I make everything public. [info]dellure has agreed to co-mod with me, so 1) yay for definite help! and 2) yay for meeting new fandom people!
  • I'm really excited for Terminus. I've decided I'm just going to bum around the hotel and pounce on anyone I recognise if they don't look like they're hurrying from one event to another. I... don't really know what most of my flist looks like, though. *checks the Ficcers vs. Fanartists post again* One of my friends is flying in from Toronto and she's not registering either, so I'm looking forward to taking her out for dinner. Because that's all there is to do in Chicago. (Semi-related: I can't wait to go back to LA -- I just bought my plane ticket for August 20th :D)
  • Gokujou no Koibito ch 14's been released! GO DL IT. If you need motivation: there's a scene that involves Masahiro, a bathtub, and sexy thoughts of Yoshimi XD
  • I watched Definitely, Maybe and Penelope the other day. They're both adorable. I usually pick apart chick flicks (HSM = exception), but I really enjoyed these two. Mostly because I was drooling over Ryan Reynolds and James McAvoy the whole time. 
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Terminus: y/n?

Guys, I can't decide whether or not I should register for Terminus. I know the obvious choice should be "yes", considering I live in Chicago, but I'm having trouble bringing myself to do it. And I guess I should decide soon, since I'd much rather buy a ticket from someone who can't go than pay $200 at the door.

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