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i could go on forever about why picking up a screenwriting minor was the dumbest decision i ever made in college (lol and we all know how many dumb decisions are made in college), but it really just comes down to the fact that i have to pitch a five-season original drama series (the pilot of which i'll have to write DDD:) by next week, and i have no plausible ideas for said series.

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My feature outline is kicking ass, wtf. Mark and George are perfect together. Anne couldn't work better as an antagonist. All of them have character arcs and chemistry together, and -- get this -- THERE IS RECOGNISABLE TENSION IN THE STORY! Why can I not be this productive/disciplined with my hd_hols fic? *is sitting here whipping through a month's worth of sequence outlines and totally ignoring hd_hols* :(

I think the fact that basically everything H/D has been done already is interrupting my creative flow. I'm so concerned with being original and avoiding ideas that have already been beaten into the ground (virtually impossible -- while I do come up with good ideas every once in a while, I always muck them up when I try to write them, which brings us to my problem of not being able to put a creative spin on old ideas, which I won't go into because this side note is already too long) that I can't just focus on writing the damn fic. With my feature, I have so much more room to tell the story I want to tell, because my audience isn't familiar with the context and characters. They don't have set standards by which to judge the story. I have so much freedom, and it feels amazing. It also helps that I don't feel helpless knowing I'm up against writers with talent that could eat mine for a light snack. Yay for mediocrity!

Dammit. I wish I'd gotten into writing H/D five years ago.

/end whiny rambling which always seems to take over my writing-related posts
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So now that I've heard some post-Idol stuff from Cook and Archie, I've come to the conclusion that I was wrong about Archie needing the win. IMO, he's going to be WAY more successful than Cook when their albums drop in a few weeks. Archie already has several awesome leaked clips and a fairly successful hit with "Crush", whereas no one really cares about Cook's "Light On". As always, the ones who try to "do their own thing" without at least attempting the pop thing screw themselves over, a la Blake Lewis. I really hope Archie does well, because his album sounds like it's going to kick ass.

In other news, my hd_hols is still a work in progress. The good news is that it might actually be below 18k this time! That's kind of a major accomplishment for me, because I tell myself every fest that I'm not going to let the fic get away with me, and it always does. The bad news is that I still have no idea what to do with the last 1/4 of the fic. I want to sit down and talk over the whole thing with one of my betas, but I never have any time for a lengthy discussion ;____; I'm eying winter break wistfully, but of course that's not much of a help, considering the fic is due a month before I get any sort of break. *bites nails*

Also, I FINALLY got a compliment from my screenwriting professor :D :D :D He sounded so surprised when he told me my outline of the first sequence of my feature was good. I might post it here later after I've revised it to include his critiques.

I'm worried about getting deeper into outlining, because the whole 16th century religion thing is kind of scary. I really just want to write Tudors slash, but apparently shameless gay porn isn't appropriate in a screenwriting class :(
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life is busy

I've been riding a wave of intense Republican hate this past week. It peaked a few nights ago during the VP debate. I've hated Palin ever since I heard about the abuse of power scandals, but after she completely ignored Biden's emotional moment because she was too fucking incompetent to say anything her script didn't spell out for her, I decided that if I ever saw her in person, I would punch her in the face. I don't care if she's a hockey mom or pit bull or whatever she wants to call herself. This liberal is furious enough on behalf of all the women, gays and lesbians, rape victims, teenage mothers, controversial authors, wolves, and polar bears in this country to take her on any day.

I've got to revise my first short script for Monday. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go down the power route or the love route in the first draft, so I ended up doing a mix of both, and the result wasn't pretty. I'm not sure what compelled me to write this particular period piece, because I know next to nothing about life on plantations during 19th century America. I'm mostly having issues with the language thing. I can't get 19th century slang down, and I'm having trouble distinguishing dialects between races. Does anyone know what white teenagers called their parents? "Mother" sounds so formal, but "ma" doesn't seem right, and "mom" sounds too modern. *tears hair out*

I've also got another article due on Monday. I feel like my editor's expectations of me shot up to an unrealistically high level after the success of my Palin article. I don't want to let him down -- I'm not that great of a writer; I just got lucky with the Palin piece. I have a feeling the coming out article I'm writing for Monday is going to show that :(

Today at the football game I saw one of the players tussling Mark Sanchez's hair and realised how much I miss slash. I've been so busy with RL stuff that I haven't had time to even think about any of my WiPs. I want to read and write H/D, but every time I sit down to do that, I remember I should be spending the time working. I don't know what to do -- time's running out for my hd_hols fic and I still have no clear idea of how I want to go about writing the rough story outline I've got, and it's been so long since I last looked at SKoM that I've almost forgotten what it's about.

I've had this bizarre urge to write H/G for days. I think the stress is getting to me.

ETA: Also, this absurdly loud rave down the street at the Shrine Auditorium? NEEDS TO DIE RIGHT NOW.
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Got my hd_hols assignment, and omg I'm terrified because my recipient's preferences are totally opposite of what I feel comfortable writing, but a few of her kinks interest me, so I'm hoping I can get by focusing on those. I have an idea in mind, but I'm worried it might not be what she's looking for. Am going to ask the mods about that in a few. STILL, SO EXCITED TO WRITE FOR MY RECIPIENT!!! :D I need to share my idea with someone. aki_hoshi, get ready for a longass email :P

MY FIRST OP-ED FAILED. Well, not really. It's just... I had to write about a topic I didn't feel very strongly about, so now I've no clear thesis and I think my editor is frustrated with me, lol. Nothing I can do about it but get his edits in tonight :(

Also! My screenwriting professor worked on Friday Night Lights, and he told us everything about the writing process for TV. He is seriously awesome and I adore him. But the class is so damn long :( WITH SO MANY WRITING ASSIGNMENTS, DAMMIT.