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Reject Prop 8

Guys... we're going to find out the California court's final ruling on Prop 8 tomorrow. This is it. Holy crap. I need someone to hold my hand right now.

Here's hoping they make the right decision.

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11 percent of the votes in California have been counted, and yes on prop 8 is winning 55-45 right now.

I'm freaking out. *clings to nearest person*

Will keep updating this post as the vote counts pour in.

ETA: 12 percent, and it's at 56-44. Word is we won't have the final results until tomorrow morning. Also, it looks like Los Angeles and San Francisco haven't been counted yet, which is a huge relief. But in some counties, the gap is as wide as 76-24 in favour of prop 8 :\

ETA2: As of 10:25 pm PST, the race has tightened to 52.4% yes, 47.6% no. We're getting there, guys!

ETA3: I'm about 97% sure we're not going to win this one. This map shows how all of the CA counties are voting. So far it's 34% of the votes counted, and 52.5% yes, 47.5% no. LA is voting yes so far, and SF has already been counted.

ETA4: As of 1:30 am PST, 72% of the votes have been counted and prop 8 is still leading, 52.2% to 47.8%. With the exception of LA, the only counties that remain to be counted are the extremely conservative ones.

ETA5: Woke up this morning to find out that it had been passed. Long post coming as soon as I get through my midterm and job interview today.
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The night before, life goes on

I'm so ridiculously overwhelmed right now. Midterm after midterm, essays, term papers, newspaper articles, internship applications, job interviews (or rather, job interview, singular... *crosses finger for Wednesday*)... I've pretty much been living at my desk these past few days.

It doesn't help that I'm back where I started with my hd_hols fic, i.e. wanting to scrap it and rewrite the whole thing because it refuses to cooperate. I've never really felt limited by my writing ability until now. Well, no, that's not true, I have, but I've never felt this limited. I don't know if you guys are aware, but not being able to write something even though you know exactly what you want to write is the most frustrating thing in the world. (I'm not sure if that even makes sense; just trust me on it.) I'm hoping an extension will give me time to get over this, but idk :( I just have way too much to do. I can't afford to sit in front of my laptop for hours on end, waiting for inspiration to strike. I seriously don't know how some people manage to consistently churn out amazing fest fics in the last week or so before a deadline. I need to learn how to do that, seriously.

I'm terribly stressed about the election tomorrow, too. No matter what the polls and experts say, I don't think Obama has clinched this win yet, not even close. I'm even more concerned about prop 8 than the presidential election. My campus is fairly liberal, so no on prop 8 is the general agreement around here, but I know it's the same everywhere in California. One of my roommate's friends has been spewing a bunch of crap about protecting religion, and he keeps shoving it in my face and then getting offended by my "hateful immaturity" when I basically tell him I don't give a damn about what his religion preaches. *takes deep breaths* I can't wait for this election to be over. I guess we'll know what happens in a day...
rohan <3

Vote no on Prop 8

For those of you who are legal residents of California, PLEASE remember to vote no on Proposition 8 (the ban on same-sex marriage) come election day. Prop 8 proponents have launched a new campaign with the help of $25.4 million from supporters, and polls show that it has contributed to a significant flip flop in support. In the past few weeks, the polls have gone from 44 percent for Prop 8 and 49 percent against it to a frightening 47 percent for it and only 42 percent against it. If these number don't swing back around, the ban on same-sex marriage in California will be reinstated. Don't let that happen!

Visit http://www.noonprop8.com for more information about how you can help by donating and volunteering your time. Unfortunately, I can't vote because I'm not a resident of California, but I'm going to try to help out at phone banks on campus over the next few weeks. I don't want to see progress overturned just because some bible-hugging idiots are running around spreading blatant lies.

This public service announcement brought to you by a very indignant liberal.
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life is busy

I've been riding a wave of intense Republican hate this past week. It peaked a few nights ago during the VP debate. I've hated Palin ever since I heard about the abuse of power scandals, but after she completely ignored Biden's emotional moment because she was too fucking incompetent to say anything her script didn't spell out for her, I decided that if I ever saw her in person, I would punch her in the face. I don't care if she's a hockey mom or pit bull or whatever she wants to call herself. This liberal is furious enough on behalf of all the women, gays and lesbians, rape victims, teenage mothers, controversial authors, wolves, and polar bears in this country to take her on any day.

I've got to revise my first short script for Monday. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go down the power route or the love route in the first draft, so I ended up doing a mix of both, and the result wasn't pretty. I'm not sure what compelled me to write this particular period piece, because I know next to nothing about life on plantations during 19th century America. I'm mostly having issues with the language thing. I can't get 19th century slang down, and I'm having trouble distinguishing dialects between races. Does anyone know what white teenagers called their parents? "Mother" sounds so formal, but "ma" doesn't seem right, and "mom" sounds too modern. *tears hair out*

I've also got another article due on Monday. I feel like my editor's expectations of me shot up to an unrealistically high level after the success of my Palin article. I don't want to let him down -- I'm not that great of a writer; I just got lucky with the Palin piece. I have a feeling the coming out article I'm writing for Monday is going to show that :(

Today at the football game I saw one of the players tussling Mark Sanchez's hair and realised how much I miss slash. I've been so busy with RL stuff that I haven't had time to even think about any of my WiPs. I want to read and write H/D, but every time I sit down to do that, I remember I should be spending the time working. I don't know what to do -- time's running out for my hd_hols fic and I still have no clear idea of how I want to go about writing the rough story outline I've got, and it's been so long since I last looked at SKoM that I've almost forgotten what it's about.

I've had this bizarre urge to write H/G for days. I think the stress is getting to me.

ETA: Also, this absurdly loud rave down the street at the Shrine Auditorium? NEEDS TO DIE RIGHT NOW.