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H/D inspired reveals

hd_inspired reveals are up! marguerite_26 wrote my favourite fic, Burn, Burn, and predictably enough, draykonis drew my favourite art piece, Pest Control. The cool thing about the fest was that I found out a lot of interesting stuff about new and old authors that really took me by surprise. The biggest disappointment was that none of my prompts ended up getting written :(

I wrote One-Winged Angels using a_queen_bee's prompt. I probably won't repost the fic here, but I will respond to the reviews eventually. Thanks to all my fantastic betas, especially avada_k, aki_hoshi, and brknhalo241. I would've scrapped the fic long ago if it weren't for avada_k -- she forced me to keep writing every time I hated the fic so much that I wanted to toss it in a fire. I still don't like it, but at least it's finished :P aki_hoshi and brknhalo241 were both absurdly helpful in rewriting the ending and improving the fic in general. If anyone wants a taste of what the ending looked like before they brought their good sense and ideas to the table, have a look.

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