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FIRST OF ALL, I NINE'S ALBUM IS OUT!!! I'm downloading it right now. Will edit in my opinion of it after I have listened to it :D

Voting for challenge 3 of ldws is up! Go here to read all of the fabulous entries and vote. I'm so, so, so proud of all of the participants. They keep improving. Some of the drabbles this week actually made me cry, they were so awesome.

Mm, anyway. I was really disappointed by episode 3 of Junjou Romantica :( I don't think it did any justice to Nowaki and Hiro's relationship. I won't spoil it for anyone, but they basically compressed two chapters into one episode and cut out a lot of cute moments. Then they jumped forward to the "6 years later" part in the preview, and I was like, O_O WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. I feel like it took the manga 8450238498423 chapters to get to that point, and the anime did it all in 20 minutes. NOT cool. IMO, everything that happened between Nowaki and Hiro is important, because it shows how they had to overcome their problems for each other. Seriously, they're one of my favourite pairings of all time. Look at my icon and tell me they're not adorable. Hiro = love. I have a thing for grumpy, go-away-I-don't-need-you-even-though-I-love-you-desperately characters.

Speaking of go-away-I-don't-need-you-even-though-I-love-you-desperately characters, I just finished Yellow and it was SO. GOOD. It's officially in my top 5 favourite multi-volume mangas. Taki (the go-away-I-don't-etc. character) is totally my fanon!Draco. I HIGHLY recommend this manga. It's about two drug snatchers, one of whom is gay and in love with the other one, and the assignments they have to solve. It's four volumes long, plus an extra, and it's brimming with action, mystery, humour, angst, and, best of all, lots of yummy UST. READ IT! :D

I need to go write. Um, or at least work on my essay/research project. I analysed the data I've gathered so far in SPSS today, and my p-value was .400, LOL. My TA was watching over my shoulder, and when the ANOVA table showed up, we looked at each other and I could totally tell she was struggling to think of something reassuring to say. Then finally she just said, "Well... I think you might need more data." I burst out laughing.

*goes back to sniffing around for a leak of Clay Aiken's new album*

ETA: Didn't really like I Nine's album :( I think the best songs off of it were already available prior to the release. I did, however, love the full version of "Get Out" :D