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So now that I've heard some post-Idol stuff from Cook and Archie, I've come to the conclusion that I was wrong about Archie needing the win. IMO, he's going to be WAY more successful than Cook when their albums drop in a few weeks. Archie already has several awesome leaked clips and a fairly successful hit with "Crush", whereas no one really cares about Cook's "Light On". As always, the ones who try to "do their own thing" without at least attempting the pop thing screw themselves over, a la Blake Lewis. I really hope Archie does well, because his album sounds like it's going to kick ass.

In other news, my hd_hols is still a work in progress. The good news is that it might actually be below 18k this time! That's kind of a major accomplishment for me, because I tell myself every fest that I'm not going to let the fic get away with me, and it always does. The bad news is that I still have no idea what to do with the last 1/4 of the fic. I want to sit down and talk over the whole thing with one of my betas, but I never have any time for a lengthy discussion ;____; I'm eying winter break wistfully, but of course that's not much of a help, considering the fic is due a month before I get any sort of break. *bites nails*

Also, I FINALLY got a compliment from my screenwriting professor :D :D :D He sounded so surprised when he told me my outline of the first sequence of my feature was good. I might post it here later after I've revised it to include his critiques.

I'm worried about getting deeper into outlining, because the whole 16th century religion thing is kind of scary. I really just want to write Tudors slash, but apparently shameless gay porn isn't appropriate in a screenwriting class :(
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My prediction: Cook wins, due to the bashing of Cook last night, his ginormous fanbase, and DI's prediction.

THIS IS IT, FRIENDS. Last AI show I'm going to blog for the year :( I may or may not blog the SYTYCD shows. I love SYTYCD (perhaps more than AI), but I don't want to spam the 99% of my f-list that could care less.

While I'm waiting... let's go over the highlights of tonight's show. Hearing Jason and Brooke sing again? No thanks. OneRepublic singing "Apologize"? YES. Seeing the SYTYCD contestants again? FUCK YEAH. The top 6 boys singing together? YAYYYYY. Cook and Archie singing a duet? OMFG YES YES YES BRING IT ON.

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Well... that's it for this year. What an incredible season. I'm a little disappointed with the results, but not to the point where I'm upset, because I love both Davids. American Idol 7 DEFINITELY improved near the end of the competition. I can't believe it's the sixth straight year I've watched an entire season of AI. I've grown up with this show, with Ryan, Randy, Paula, and Simon. Um... I don't know what else to say.

Congratulations on your win, David :)