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Yaoi rec: Mukizu ja Irarenee

Mukizu ja Irarenee by Sadahiro Mika

I'm not gonna lie -- this manga is pretty much 3/4 smut. The reason why I'm reccing it is because it's an example of smut done right. The manga is about two characters, Shouji and Terumi, who both have a romantic connection to a third character, Honami: Shouji is Honami's current boyfriend, and Terumi was Honami's first love. They meet up accidentally and start having sex because it's a way for Terumi to feel closer to Honami, whom he harbours lingering feelings for. Obviously, Shouji and Terumi fall in love, and a complicated love triangle (that eventually turns into a love square) ensues.

Even though the plot isn't groundbreaking, the mangaka does a good job keeping it consistent. The story is tight, the characters are engaging, and the relationships are all well-done. The passion between Shouji and Terami feels real, which is rare in manga. And the smut? The smut is PERFECT. Yeah, it's a bit excessive, but it complements the storyline well. I never felt my attention drifting during the H scenes (*cough*MinamiHaruka*cough*). The art could've been better, but then again, I'm an art snob. I'm sure most people won't have a problem with it.

Idk why I've been reccing so much lately. It's kind of my escape from the stress of writing, I guess. And speaking of writing, I've signed up for hp_cross_fest :S Usually I avoid cross-gen pairings like the plague, but I think I can handle Harry or Draco paired with a next gen character. I want to try something new, at the very least.