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HSM3 and fic rec

1. Went to the HSM3 midnight premiere at University Citywalk last night, and I can say with absolute certainty that it was the best midnight premiere I've ever been to. It flattened the midnight premieres for the last three HP movies and the last two PotC movies in terms of crowd excitement. Everyone was singing together and cheering. Most of the people in attendance were college students or adults, which was a good thing, because Zac Efron's naked back is enough to bump any PG-rated movie up to an R rating. Surprisingly enough, there were a lot of guys, and they were the ones getting the crowd going.

As for the movie itself, it was amazing. It basically recycled the format used in the first two movies, but improved it with better choreography, better music, better special effects, and more of Zac Efron's bare skin. "The Boys Are Back" was by far the best dance sequence; everyone in the theatre gave it a standing ovation. Also, Zac and Vanessa's on-screen chemistry? AMAZING. It was so tangible that I felt uncomfortably voyeuristic watching it.

*is going to watch the movie again tomorrow* :D

2. This couldn't be more different from HSM: holy fucking hell. 16k of uncensored, unabashed Harry/Draco/Albus/Scorpius porn = *brain explodes* READ IT RIGHT NOW.
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High school musical squee

So I recently discovered three supremely awesome things about High School Musical 3.

1. Ryan and Kelsi get together. I'm probably the only person who's freaking out over this.

2. Troy gets another awesome solo called "Scream" in which he complains about not being able to choose and wanting to do this own thing. Bet On It pt. 2, y/y?

3. The premiere of the movie IS BEING HELD ON MY CAMPUS. As in, Zac Efron will be ONE BLOCK AWAY FROM WHERE I LIVE. I'm already brainstorming ways to convince my roommates they'll never be able to live with themselves if they don't join me in stalking out the cast.

Speaking of nearby celebrities, apparently Lil' Romeo lives on the floor below me. But I could care less about him.

Also, see number 6 in my icon? That's Mark Sanchez, the love of my life (also the Heisman frontrunner, if anyone follows college football). HE WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY BIKE WITH SOME OF HIS TEAMMATES YESTERDAY *_* I walked by, turned the corner, and stopped to hyperventilate/text my entire address book. Then I went home and discovered that he's also a comm major. YAY FOR SLACKER MAJORS!