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1. hd_holidays reveals are up! :D a lot of my favourite fics from the fest were written by people i've never heard of, which i LOVE. some of my favourite authors also wrote fics that i didn't get around to reading, which means i've got enough reading material to keep me occupied for the next few days \o/

2. omg someone wrote a 95k fic for camelotsolstice o_o i tried to read it, but the paragraphs are really dense, and i couldn't focus. if anyone finishes it, let me know how it is.

3. i filled a kinkme_merlin prompt yesterday. i got all excited about finally finishing something, then i realised what i wrote was god awful two seconds after i finished posting it to the comm and had a little guilt attack where i felt bad for the person who posted the prompt. so, yeah. thank god for anonymity.

4. in happier news, the golden globes are tonight! they've got a history of favouring audience-friendly films, which means avatar might have a chance at nabbing best drama. IF IT DOESN'T, I WILL CRY.


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Modly post

Just wanted to remind everyone that hp_nextgen_fest is still posting and will be until January 31. Comments have dropped, which is a shame because there have been some really good pieces posted recently and will be more to come in the next few days. I would hate for these authors and artists to go without the praise they deserve, so if you have time, come check out the fics you've missed :)
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Someone nominated me for Best Mod at fandom_of_stars! :> :> Thanks, mystery nominator ♥

I'm currently typing this on my fabulous new Macbook while I wait for the files on my PC to transfer onto my Western Digital. Yay for splurging on electronics! However, as pretty as the Macbook is, I've just realised why I didn't get one years ago when they started coming back: they're not compatible with anything, and they're complicated as hell :(

Anyway, time for a fest pimp: hd_career_fair is a new H/D summer/fall fest that will take the place of H/D inspired this year. It focuses on putting Harry and Draco in unusual careers, and guess what? HUSTLING IS NOT EXCLUDED :D Clearly, it's my type of fest and should be for anyone who writes rentboy!fic, particularly of the rentboy!Harry variety. Oh, and in case anyone's frustrated with the number of H/D fests going on, allow me to say that this one is run by fabulous people and therefore worth your consideration at the very least.

Also, posting for hp_nextgen_fest starts in three days! We have some great fics and art lined up, so definitely consider watching the community if you're interested in anything from Scorpius/Lily to Harry/Scorpius/Teddy :)

ETA: Forgot one :x hd_smoochfest is another upcoming H/D fest, and it looks to be one of the more chill, fun ones. I don't think any info is up at the comm yet, but keep an eye on it if fluff never fails to put a stupid grin on your face :D
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hd_holidays reveals are up, yay! :D I'm surprised that, for the most part, my suspicions about who wrote/drew what were confirmed. I guess I've been in fandom longer than I thought.

My amazing fic, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, was written by mizbean. Thank you so much for the fantastic gift! I adore it ♥ Anyone who hasn't read it yet should do so immediately.

I can now say I wrote Out From Under, aka The Fic From Hell, for the lovely bewarethesmirk. The title was indeed shamelessly stolen from the Britney Spears song, which I happened to be listening to while I was rushing to send in the fic before my deadline :p

Finally I can thank nqdonne, aki_hoshi, weasleywench, and boogabooga_xx for the betas and Laylee for the Britpick. They seriously saved my life ♥ ♥ ♥ I would've scrapped the fic early on in the writing process if not for their advice, encouragement, and hand-holding. If anyone's wondering why the ending seems a bit off, it's because I banged it out in the last five minutes and didn't have time to run it past them.

Another rec, as I start to dig deeper into the fics: For Whatever Ails You by frayach. I had meant to work my way backwards, but her name jumped out at me, and I couldn't resist. The fic makes fantastic use of the love potion cliche (oh, forced bonding fics, how I've missed you ♥) and simultaneously makes you laugh and breaks your heart. I wish it had gone on longer -- the ending came so quickly.

I need to start archiving my fest fics here :x *lazy*
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Happy New Year, flist ♥ Mine was fairly uneventful -- I worked all night and got home just in time to watch the ball drop. Since then I've been perusing hd_hols, i.e. finally getting started on reading and going back through every art piece that was posted because my god, they're fantastic. I swear, all my favourite artists just keep getting better and better. *worships from afar*

My only New Year's resolution for 2009 worth posting here is the most obvious one: finish SKOM. It seems simple, but considering it was also my resolution for 2007 and 2008, it's a lot easier said than done, lol.

I just checked hd_worldcup and most of the new changes sound really neat. I'm not sure how I feel about getting rid of anonymity, though. As someone who joined fandom late, I've always been strongly for anon fests. *shrug* Is anyone for sure signing up?
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Rahm's expression says it all

Christ, I really cut it close with my submission. I was literally rushing to finish the last scene with two minutes to go. Just as I was about to send it in at 11:59, I realised I didn't have a summary or a title. So, uh, the fic with the irrelevant title and awful summary will most likely be mine.


I've been sitting at my desk working on this fic all day. I need food. And then I need to finish a paper due on Monday and study like crazy for my final boards tomorrow :(

Guys? Do me a favour and tie my hands behind my back if I show signs of wanting to do hd_worldcup next year.
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Is anyone free right now? I'm pretty much finished with my hd_hols fic, but the ending is disgustingly cheesy and I need one last quick beta before I send it off. Comments are screened, or you can email me at shmexsay@yahoo.com.

Thanks, guys ♥

Here, have a screencap meme thing. I combined furiosity's and gossymer's, just because I can.

Post a screenshot of your browser (close nothing)
Post a screenshot of your desktop (close nothing) -- artwork by the fabulous glockgal
Paste whatever's in your clipboard: I can't, it's a bunch of stuff from my hd_hols fic :(
If you have a music player open, print screen.
Pick a folder, open it, print screen -- it's my folder of WiPs, lol. There are so many :( I've been working on the Moulin Rouge H/D fic for AGES, and I keep changing the story... hence the reason why there are three completely different versions, all of which are over 50 pages long.
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Shit. Shit. Shit.

I'm freaking out so hard about my hd_hols fic right now. IT. WILL. NOT. MOVE. FORWARD. I've already talked the hell out of this fic with two people, but no matter how much great advice they give me, everything I write sucks and gets erased immediately. I know all I ever do is whine about this fic, but I don't have much time left. I need to fucking write. Goddammit.

I need another opinion... I'm one of those people who goes through betas like Brian Kinney goes through condoms. Is anyone willing to talk this over with me right now? A thorough beta isn't necessary; I just need to know which parts are embarrassingly crappy and what I can do to finish the scenes that have come to a dead end. Please. I've screened comments, so you can leave one here or email me at shmexsay [at] yahoo [dot] com.

*resumes panic attack*

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